How to see the company mail from gmail in 2023?

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In this tutorial I show you how to configure your company's mail for you to see the corporate e-mail from gmail. If you have a domain, it is essential that you have at least one email account with your own domain. A company account @gmail or @outlook is not at all professional, and cause a bad image to your customers/visitors/suppliers. If you continue with an account of a famous provider of e-mail accounts, it's probably because you didn't know how to set up your company e-mail.

If you've created the account or accounts of a company ourselves, we have provided some configuration data so you can relate it to your "e-mail client"a favorite. This can be; Outlook, Thunderbird, AppleMail or Gmail to mention the most popular ones. In this article we are going to see how to link an email to gmail so you can read and send emails from Gmail using your own personal account If you use any other of the above, you can click on the name to see the proper tutorial.

Worth with this tutorial I can view the company mail from gmail, but, can I also send e-mails with the company mail from gmail?

If, of course, if. To do this setting up your corporate e-mail will be linked to your Google account and when you want to send a new email, you'll be able to choose from which account you do. During the tutorial I will teach you how you can select your shipping by default to make it your business to see the recipients of your emails.

Steps to configure enterprise mail in Gmail

Steps to configure enterprise mail in Gmail

Time required provisions: 5 minute

Sign in to Gmail

To be able to use gmail as an email client, one must first enter gmail with a our account gmail. Later we will click on the gear. Then click on view all settings.

Add the account you want to use Gmail

We go to the tab "accounts and imports" and indicate that we want to add a mail account. At this time we are going to be asked to enter the e-mail address that you want to use (must have previously created! You can do this through cPanel (soon I'll upload a tutorial) or, if you're a customer, asking us to us). We put the address and click on next.

Mail configuration entry

Select "Import emails from my other account (POP3)" and click next. Now is when you enter in game settings data that we get in cPanel, or you have provided us if we have made through us. In the photo you can see where you're going each one of the data (to the left of the configuration data of our account and to the right what you ask for. gmail. The password is the one you chose at the time of creating the mail or that you indicate us.

Configuration of the outbound e-mail

Ask us if you also want to be able to send messages from this account. We are going to mark and we will give next. We will put the name with which we appear to those who receive our messages and we'll go on to the next step. We will ask for configuration data. This time, the data you enter are the ones that are found in the following places: (it will usually be all the same data as in the configuration that we make in incoming e-mail and only change the port)

Confirm the ownership of the account

After this, Google will ensure that you have control over the account by sending a confirmation code. It may take a few minutes to arrive. As soon as you receive it, we paste the code in the box and verify.

Make this account to be the default

If we want to send a message to the account origin by default is the one that you just configured, return to settings/accounts and import, and choose set as default.


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  • Gmail

And ready, we can access our account to enterprise e-mail from gmail, send and receive messages with the company account and easily change from one account to another from your own gmail.

Now that you can already see the company mail from gmail, what's next?

Congratulations, at this point you have already learned how to link your email account itself with the services of Google mail. This not only allows you to see the corporate e-mail from gmail, you can also send emails with your company account and following the same steps of this tutorial you can add as many accounts as you want and use gmail to centralize all your accounts in one place.

Now that you already have a business account, it may be time to learn something about the art of digital marketing the most return offers: email marketing.

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