Emerging trends in social networks: Four tips for your strategy

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Social media trends come and go, but it's essential for marketers to stay up to date—doing so can keep your competitors at bay and help you make smart decisions regarding marketing campaigns.

Use artificial intelligence for social networks

1. Artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence, or AI, automates repetitive, time-consuming tasks that would normally require human brainpower to complete, by analyzing data and employing algorithms to predict future consumer behavior, AI tools enable businesses to effectively manage their operations of marketing, leading to better user experiences, reduced costs and increased revenue for brands that adopt them.

Social media platforms are using artificial intelligence (AI) to offer hyper-personalized content to their users, Instagram relies on artificial intelligence to examine the large number of user-generated posts it receives daily and determine what should appear in feeds and stories of users based on who they follow and their interests; Twitter and LinkedIn use artificial intelligence-based censorship systems, as well as suggesting accounts and ads that they think users may find attractive.

Chatbots have quickly become a powerful AI tool in social media, providing customer service through messaging apps. Chatbots use natural language processing to understand customers and generate relevant, personalized responses; They can answer simple queries and refer complex ones to a human agent for deeper conversations.

AR is an emerging trend in social media that takes images and videos from the real world and enhances them with digital elements such as filters, lenses and stickers, it is especially popular with younger audiences and can add a creative touch to content and a professional look. .

The rise of social media has made consumers expect personalized experiences more than ever, such as connecting with brands through messaging apps or online chat, according to research from the Consumer Intelligence Research Network (CIRN), 65% of Consumers expect a response from the brand within 24 hours on social media when they post questions; AI chatbots can help brands meet this expectation by using NLP technology to achieve 24/7 availability and awareness of products/services/topics, etc.

AI may not completely replace social media marketers, but it allows them to work faster and focus more effectively on the impactful aspects of their role, simplifying mundane tasks such as data analysis and By creating content, marketers can spend more time growing their audiences and expanding their reach.

2. Social commerce

Staying ahead of social media trends requires a full-time effort. Not only must you produce attractive content; You must also learn how to use the platforms effectively to generate traffic and conversion.

Brands must remain agile in their approach and stay one step ahead, a key way to ensure they do this is to adopt transparency and authenticity as key principles of their strategy: customers have become more skeptical of images and excessively edited videos and prefer authentic videos like TikTok and beReal, which continue this trend.

Social media platforms have also evolved to allow their users to shop directly on them, whether through TikTok's burgeoning short video platform, Facebook Marketplace, or Instagram shopping posts, consumers now find products more easily than never needing to leave your feed, since this trend is here to stay, it is essential that brands embrace it and provide their audiences with a seamless shopping experience.

Recently, social media platforms have become more open to allowing influencers to post affiliate links on their channels, giving them and brands an additional opportunity to earn some extra money, a trend that has only expanded as as more influencers begin to monetize their content.

Start engaging early to build a loyal customer base who will buy your products, plus this gives you an idea of ​​how your audience reacts to different types of services or products so you can adjust your strategy appropriately, in total, this strategy could prove to be one of the best ways to boost sales and brand awareness on social channels; It's definitely worth experimenting! You might be interested in some of our tips on: How to sell on Instagram? and How to sell on Facebook?.

Create live video for social networks

3. Live video

Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have long been used by content creators and brands to showcase their brand or product personality and gain exposure to a large audience. But TikTok and Instagram Reels can disrupt this dynamic by offering short-form videos.

These short videos not only capture viewers' attention, but also provide real value, they can generate traffic, generate engagement and ultimately generate conversions - the perfect way to reach younger generations who prefer to interact with brands through fun and interactive methods.

Short-form videos have proven to be an effective strategy for brands looking to make a powerful statement on social media; customers tend to have short attention spans and avoid long videos; Therefore, brands should keep this in mind when creating social media content.

Short-form videos remain extremely popular; However, live video has gained renewed interest as an effective means of creating authentic, relatable content that stands out among leaked and overly edited posts and images, both TikTok and beReal demonstrate this trend; Your users want content that contains real people in relatable situations that they can connect with.

Live videos offer more than authenticity to posts; Also adding urgency by using countdown timers to encourage viewers to tune in, live videos have also proven to be an invaluable way to promote events or announcements, an emerging trend that should not be neglected when looking to improve content strategies.

2023 is seeing an increasing emphasis on inclusion and diversity, leading to more companies speaking out about their treatment of employees, as well as their stance on various social issues, showing that they care about their audience and at the same time. At the same time they create trust between them.

4. Interpersonal interaction on social networks

Social networks are no longer just a platform for sharing photos and videos; Brands have begun to recognize its true value as an essential customer service channel, people come to it with questions and complaints; When these arrive quickly enough, they expect companies to respond as quickly as possible or risk quickly damaging their reputation.

In response, many brands have started creating social media communities where customers can ask questions and receive answers, some even including chatbots to manage queries; Clorox has made great strides by creating Clorox Connects, where customers can submit product ideas directly, serving as an effective way to gather customer feedback on new offerings while also discovering which features consumers value most.

Brands engage their audiences through personalized content on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, while this trend has been around for some time, its importance is increasing as people demand more and more authenticity from brands, people wants real situations and personalities they can relate to; hence the popularity of the TikTok and beReal applications and the importance of connect with your audience successfully.

As a brand, you can take advantage of this trend by creating your own community and using their knowledge to offer personalized content to your audience. In turn, this could contribute to an effective marketing strategy tailored to your needs.

There is also an increase in demand for brand transparency from consumers, who expect companies to reveal information about their supply chains and labor practices more openly, a trend that has caused major relationship headaches. public to large corporations such as Wal-Mart and Apple.

Social media is evolving rapidly, so staying abreast of its changes is essential to adapt your strategy accordingly. To remain relevant, create authentic content while keeping an eye on emerging platforms.

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