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Today, digital marketing is synonymous with social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have changed the way marketing is handled. In this context, Instagram has positioned itself as one of the favorite networks worldwide.

This platform brings together all the advantages of digital advertising. With more than one billion active users per month, it is an ideal space to promote your products. In fact, its interface has a number of tools that facilitate e-commerce.

It's natural to wonder how to sell in Instagram. Here we explain everything you need to know to generate online sales in this social network.

What does it take to sell on Instagram?

How to Sell on Instagram

Selling a product or service on instagram is quite simple. We compiled for you a series of tips that guarantee the success of your business.

Company Profile

The first thing you need to do to boost your sales is to make sure you have the right profile. It is through this profile that other users will be able to become more familiar with your brand. Instagram offers the option to set up your profile as personal or business. Business profiles have access to several special functions.

Two other very important aspects for your profile are the name and the biography. A witty bio and an accurate name will gain the user's attention. You can link your bio to a custom link. This way you can keep track of the number of people who have visited your profile.

If you are not sure how to set up your profile or want to optimize it, we can do it for you.

Facebook Fanpage

To set up your profile as a business profile you will have to link it to a Facebook Fanpage. These pages serve as communication channels between brands and their consumers. The fact that both accounts are synchronized allows you to expand your coverage.


Logotypes are fundamental elements for business diffusion. Nowadays, graphic designers bet on increasingly minimalist designs. Simplicity is the standard of today's aesthetics. A simple and attractive logo increases the probabilities of attracting consumers.

Do you need help to improve your company's image? At Geekobit we offer branding services. These range from the creation and renovation of logos to the definition of colors and brand typology.


Instagram revolves around visuals, so the image you project as a company becomes even more important. To achieve success through this platform, you must be very careful with everything you upload. Maximize the possibilities offered by visual language and use hashtags intelligently.

We recommend that you sit down with your team and define a few things before you start publishing. What is the concept behind your brand? What feeling are you looking to generate in the user? Just like logos, this is closely related to branding.

Tools for businesses on Instagram

How to Sell on Instagram

Business accounts have been very well received by the general public. It is estimated that around 70% of Instagram's active members follow even one business profile. In view of this, its developers have started adding more and more features that facilitate e-commerce.

Here are some of them:

Instagram Shopping

This is perhaps the most relevant tool for marketing offered by Instagram. It consists of incorporating a digital showcase through which users can discover your best products. This allows you to highlight publications, tag your merchandise and attach links to redirect the user to your official website. 

Instagram Shopping can become one of your best allies in customer acquisition. This is closely related to the topic of shoppable posts, which we explain below.

Shoppable Posts

Shoppable Posts were created to simplify the purchase of items via Instagram. They are pictures of a particular item with the specifications and price of that product. To order the item, the customer simply clicks the Buy Now button.

This will redirect them directly to the brand's online store, through which they will be able to complete the transaction. You can turn any post into a shoppable publication thanks to the "tag products" option.. However, you must sync Instagram Shopping with your Facebook Shop account.

Call to Action

These are a marketing strategy that prompts the user to perform a timely and immediate action. They represent a quick and ingenious way to interact with consumers and attract new customers. They also help your audience discover more of your content.

Calls to action should be brief, direct and persuasive. The objective is to awaken in the user a sense of urgency and exclusivity. There are different types of calls to action. Some rely on the use of rhetorical questions and others are more imperative.

The topic may seem complex, but you're probably more familiar with this tool than you think. "Sign up now", "follow us for more tips", "tell us what you think in the comments". These are all examples of calls to action. If you still have any doubts, Geekobit can help you..


Instagram provides a fairly comprehensive statistics service to brands and businesses. This includes basic aspects such as a count of likes, comments and followers. It also includes other data, such as how many times one of your links has been clicked.

Likewise, the platform will show you an analysis of impressions. This algorithm is based on the frequency with which your publications appear on each user's screen. You will also be able to see statistics that reflect the reach your content has had.

Finally, you will have access to certain user data, such as location, age and gender.

How to generate sales without paying Ads?

Ads or Advertisements is the name given to advertisements. Instagram offers paid advertising services, which have the advantage of expanding the reach of your content. However, Ads are not the only way to increase your sales.

A good way to promote your brand is by using the link to your online store. You can add this link both in your bio and in your stories. Instagram used to require at least 10,000 followers before you could add links to stories. Luckily, this is no longer required.

Another alternative is to enter into alliances and collaborations with other companies. You can get in touch with brands similar to yours that already have a certain reputation in the community. Believe us, you will be surprised with the number of companies that will be willing to work together.

Finally, one of the simplest and most effective advertising tactics is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are keywords that bring visibility to your publications.. By using them wisely, you could expand your brand's reach and even viralize your content.

How to sell through Ads?

Do you want to catapult your company's success through Ads? The process is simple. As we explained above, the first step is to set up your account as a business account. Next, you will need to link your profile with a Facebook fanpage and an international debit or credit card.

The following is very simple. At the bottom of each of your posts you will find a button that says "promote". Simply click this button to open the campaign settings menu. Here you will be able to customize a number of factors.

The most important aspects to select are your call to action, the type of user you are targeting and how much you are willing to invest. You will have the option to choose where to redirect consumers to. Either to your profile, your official portal or your Direct mailbox.

When choosing your target audience, you can specify parameters such as users' location, age, gender and interests. Regarding payments, Instagram works with budgets from 1$ and up. However, you should keep in mind that the higher the investment, the greater the coverage of your Ads.

Not sure how to optimize your campaign? Maybe you could use the help of a digital marketing expert. On Geekobit We have a team specialized in marketing and digital consulting..

How to generate a sales strategy on Instagram

There is no foolproof formula for putting together the perfect strategy. The most effective tactics are those that can be changed and adjusted for convenience. However, we can offer some tips to guide you along the way:

Study your audience

A good consumer profile will allow you to respond to the user's interests and needs. Use the data provided by Instagram statistics to learn more about your followers. Create and distribute content specifically designed to seduce your target audience.

Research your competition

If you want to stand out, you'll need to be aware of what your competitors are doing. A competitive analysis will help you form a general idea of what kind of content is out there. You can then spot opportunities and determine your approach accordingly.

Set goals

Once you have collected enough information about your customers and competitors, it is time to set objectives. Set short, medium and long term goals. that will allow you to develop a schedule of activities. This will prevent your efforts from being diluted by not having a well-defined course of action.

Measure your performance and adapt your strategy

Don't stop monitoring your company's performance. This way, you will be able to recognize which strategies work and which do not. Don't be afraid to rethink your objectives and try new methods of approach. Projects that grow and adapt to new needs are often the most successful.

As you've already seen, plotting the right strategy for your business is hard work. Looking for professional advice? Discover our digital marketing services.

Requirements to sell on Instagram

Throughout the article we have mentioned several of these requirements. Even so, we have created this small list in case there is one that we have skipped:

  • iPhone (OS 10 or higher) or Android (OS 5.0 or higher). You can also manage certain aspects of your Instagram account from your laptop or desktop computer. Unfortunately, you can only upload content from a mobile device.
  • E-mail account.
  • Facebook business account with fapanpage and Facebook Shop configured.
  • International credit or debit card.
  • Virtual store for your business.
  • Business profile.
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