Just like houses, cars or love relationships, websites also require maintenance to look and feel good, beautiful, functional and efficient at all times.

Web maintenance is a set of actions that are carried out to ensure that your website always looks good, always works properly, has unbreakable security and loads before Usain Bolt reaches the finish line. 

What does web maintenance consist of?

Let's see what web maintenance means. Let's review all the actions and services that web maintenance work involves, or may involve:


Keeping your website up to date is essential so that the website always looks its best and keeps its functionalities intact.


The backups consist of saving a copy of your website that you can restore in case something goes wrong.


The Internet is full of hackers and bots that will try to take down your website, steal sensitive data or boycott you. That's why protection is important.


Traffic and conversions don't happen overnight. It requires a constant SEO effort.


The loading speed of your website is something that can be lost over time if it is not maintained. Fast loading improves the experience and SEO.


We can take care of generating and uploading new multimedia or text content and uploading or updating products.


Any of our plans maintenance includes our service of support with which you can contact us to clarify doubts, solve errors or ask for help.

We will attend you from Monday to Friday via email or you can contact us for urgent matters at WhatsApp any time and day, including weekends and holidays.

Updates and backups

Everything online is in constant motion. What is new today is obsolete tomorrow. Updates happen to all the software behind your website for a variety of reasons; to meet a new need, to cover a newly discovered security breach or to optimize software performance, for example. If not updated, our website runs the risk of incompatibilities or attacks, and if it is updated in the wild, it runs the risk of breaking because there may be incompatibilities between plugin versions.

On the other hand, the backup is used to restore the website in case of theft or crash.

Why do you need it?

On the Internet everything is updated: CMS, its themes, its extensions (or plugins), external applications connected to the web...

When any of these elements becomes obsolete, it may stop working properly causing failures in the web.

Updates come to cover known security holes, fix bugs in the code and to implement improvements. By keeping everything up to date, your website will be more secure and optimized. 

Backups allow you to restore your website and all the information stored on it (orders, users, products, progress in courses...) in case of data loss or website crash. We take care of making the copies periodically, storing them and restoring them if necessary.

How do we do it?

We take and store on a remote server weekly backups of your entire website. And we restore them if necessary.

We update your website to the latest versions from php and database to CMS, theme and plugins. We constantly check for new updates to be always up to date.

We update only when there are stable versions that do not break the ecosystem. We also make sure that everything continues to work correctly after each new update. If not, we revert the update and wait for a stable version that does not clash with the rest of the code.

Web security

There are many types of website attacks. These are:

Types of attacks

Why do you need it?

There are over 350 Million brute force attacks a DAY on WordPress websites alone. And only this type of attacks.

What if I tell you now that there are many more types and all with millions of daily attacks? It doesn't seem logical to go without protection, does it?

Moreover, these attacks occur in all countries and all web sizes indiscriminately. So I assure you that your website has already been attacked and will be attacked again.

There are many different types of attacks: Phishing, attacks to disable your website, theft of passwords and banking information, spam, malware, etc.

The costs your company can incur due to an unpatched security breach are very high.

Although we can repair damage caused by bots or hackers thanks to backups, irreparable data loss or theft may occur. With our security service, we minimize these risks to prevent them from occurring.

The annoying spam that fills our inboxes with misleading advertising, ransomware or malicious software has to be eradicated. We can help you minimize the number of spam emails you receive from your web forms.

We also take measures to prevent phishing or identity theft. If someone sends emails using an email with your company's domain, you have to remedy it quickly.

How do we do it?

Not all bots on the Internet are bad (e.g. Googlebot crawls the web to rank it), but most attacks and spam are automated with bots.

We create strong layers in the firewall to prevent their access. Among other things:

  • We block access from spammer countries.
  • We use a proxy to protect your site's IP.
  • We put Recaptcha ("I am not a robot") in the forms (including the login form).
  • 2-step authentication to access the administration.
  • We check with IP blacklists the accesses to the web.
  • We block users after several failed password attempts. 

From the firewall, to the access to your web administration. Everything will be protected with several layers of security that will prevent access by hackers and malicious software.

We hide the files from the public eye as well as the name of the database and its tables so that no one can use the default names to inject code or modify the natural behavior of the web.

The CDN besides helping with optimization by delivering static files from a cache hosted in a place close to the user, helps us to protect your website by including new layers of security, bot detection, etc.. And it allows us to hide the IP of your website thanks to the proxy.

We make sure that your forms receive as little spam as possible thanks to bot detection systems such as honeypots or recaptchas, checking the content of specific fields or email confirmations.

We prevent other websites from taking advantage of your content by disabling copying options such as right-clicking or using your server's resources for their own benefit (blocking hotlinking).

Web maintenance

Ensure the success of your website

We give your website the care it deserves

Web optimization

If your website is slow, has a lot of plugins/modules or very heavy images and videos, you have a big optimization problem.

Web optimization has a direct impact on the experience of users who visit it and also on SEO. That is why it is so important to take care of web efficiency through optimization.

Why do you need it?

People have less and less patience, as we have become accustomed to immediacy.

It has been proven that if a page loads in more than 3 seconds, most visitors give up and close it without waiting to see its contents.

In addition, a fast website is a pleasure to visit and leaves you with an image of freshness and efficiency.

Websites that load slowly do not rank well in Google and other search engines. This is because priority is given to websites that offer the best user experience and loading speed. In addition, if your website loads slowly, you will have a very high bounce rate, which will result in an even worse ranking.

Optimization cleans the databases, removes orphaned code from plugins you no longer use, compresses and scales heavy images and, in short, leaves the site completely clean, optimized and accessible so that it is 100% efficient.

How do we do it?

We remove old records, debug the code and remove unnecessary plugins or extensions.

Code files are safely minified and optimized for faster loading.

We activate page caching and connect the website to the Cloudflare CDN to ensure fast content delivery worldwide.

We resize, reduce and reformat all images and videos on the site so that they load in record time.

We defer loading the elements that are unnecessary in the first load to speed up the initial visual version.

From time to time the speed of the site may be reduced due to new content or updates and changes. We take care of keeping the site up and running all the time!


You can entrust us with the uploading or modification of your content so that you can dedicate 100% to the offline part of your business.

Why do you need it?

The highlight of this service is to be able to forget about updating your website with new content or new products. If you need to upload a product or a list of products, just give us the necessary data and we will upload them. Also, if you need content writing for your blog, we take care of it in the agreed periodicity.

With updated content that speaks to your industry, the website will rank first for long tail keywords and finally for top authority keywords. The more content, the more likely you are to rank.

One of your services has changed or perhaps a product has changed in price or features. At that point you can make the modifications on your own or have a maintenance plan that includes a content package for us to do it for you.

How do we do it?

If you need to change the content of any of the sections of your website, for example the "about us" people, the services offered or the contact phone number, we take care of it.

If you have e-learning or e-commerce, we can take care of uploading your courses or products to the web so you don't have to worry about it.

Obviously we will need you to provide us with the course material or product specifications in order for us to be able to do this correctly.

If you need a content writing service for your blog, you can count on our services to give life to your content. We write posts from 500 to 1000 words in the periodicity that we agree according to the contracted plan.

Web maintenance

Ensure the success of your website

We give your website the care it deserves

SEO Optimization

SEO is to appear well positioned in search engines. If you have a good web positioning, you will have many more visits. In addition, we will also work so that these visits end up becoming your customers.

Turn your website into a website that converts.

Why do you need it?

Once you have your website online, you just need to attract traffic to it to get things rolling.

Traffic can be achieved quickly through advertising (or SEM). And in a more lasting way, but with more time and effort through the SEO.

If you stand out in Google searches or social media feeds for keywords or profiles related to your industry, you will be able to convert many of these people who come to your website into leads and customers, outselling your competitors.

It is different to have a dental clinic in your city than to have an online store with shipping all over Europe. Structured data helps us to show your business to those who are close to it or to show your products directly in Google shopping.

How do we do it?

The focus of the website, the target audience and the keywords for which it can be positioned must be well defined. Plan the strategy and objectives in the short and long term.

For the site to be indexed correctly, everything must be correctly labeled. Titles well hierarchized, links well defined, etc.

There is nothing Google likes more than structured data. It's all about defining what type of data each element of your website is so that it can deliver it in a more visual way in searches.

Defining the name and attributes of each image and video that appears on the web is essential to give strength to the rest of the content that surrounds it. We place the necessary attributes to each multimedia piece.

We connect the website with Google analytics to measure the reach of SEO efforts and analyze the results to propose new actions.

You will receive a detailed monthly report.

Web maintenance pricing

Basic maintenance

The minimum to continue operating
*40 Monthly
  • Support
  • Updates
  • Backups

Advanced Maintenance

Your website always fast and secure
*75 Monthly
  • Support
  • Updates
  • Backups
  • Security
  • Web optimization

SEO Maintenance

Become an unstoppable machine
*299 Monthly
  • Support
  • Updates
  • Backups
  • Security
  • Optimization
  • SEO
  • Contents

Are you just starting out and can't afford the monthly expenses?

Every day you lose potential customers

Start Converting!

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Frequently asked questions about web maintenance

Any website can fail at any given time and this can be due to many different reasons. If you have contracted a maintenance plan with us, any of them, just let us know when any failure occurs on your website and we will fix it.

For emergencies (websites down, emails not working, attacks on the website) we attend by WhatsApp 24/7/365. And for not so urgent issues, we respond within the same day to your email.

Being able to get your website up and running or resolve any bugs that may occur as quickly as possible is one of the biggest advantages offered by our web maintenance services. We call this support and is included in any maintenance plan(in the revisions only on an ad hoc basis during the revision). In addition, we will also support you if you need help connecting your business emails with Outlook or Gmail, if you need to modify your web content on your own, etc.

If your website is attacked and you have contracted a maintenance plan that includes "Security", we will deal with the threat, clean or repair any damage caused to files and databases and reinforce security to prevent further attacks.

In case you have only basic maintenance, we can help you by restoring the last healthy backup we have of your website stored on our remote server and giving you some advice on how to better protect yourself against further attacks.

Annual or semi-annual review includes the same as the "Basic" or "Advanced" maintenance packages. depending on whether one or the other is contracted, with the difference that in this case it is only offered on a one-time basis. Support, likewise, is only offered during the overhaul.

If you have any website bugs, pending updates, security breaches, need a new business email, etc. it will be fixed during the review. You will also be provided with a backup copy of the site already reviewed.

The SEO maintenanceOn the other hand, it is not possible to contract it on a one-time basis and it is only offered in monthly installments.

Revisions are designed for those freelancers and startups that are just starting out and do not have enough capital to pay for monthly maintenance. By doing only one or two revisions a year, a lot of time passes between one and another, this means that there are many updates that have not been done, possibly a plugin has stopped working properly, the website has slowed down drastically or you have had dangerous security breaches during this time. In any case, having the service even if it is punctually, will help you not to prolong errors and failures for a longer time and you will be able to have a certain degree of security and reliability.  

Monthly maintenance is much more recommended, especially if you have a website that is constantly updated as it guarantees you to be always updated, secure and optimized.

In the case of Basic maintenance, you will be able to ask us for backups whenever you want and log into the backend to check that everything is up to date at any time. 

For Advanced and Custom maintenance, we deliver a monthly summary report with the actions taken each month on your website.

With SEO plans, you will get a complete and detailed report of all the actions undertaken both SEO and web maintenance and also an analysis of the results along with the consequent plan to follow in the next month.

We always do multiple actions when you have contracted a web maintenance plan with us. We are proactive and work autonomously, so many times you may not notice it, but we always carry out all the contracted actions: remote backups, updates, monitoring and security reinforcements, optimization maintenance, etc.

In addition, if you are in maintenance, we will always assist you in case of any crash, error or emergency that occurs on your website.

Yes, we can create a maintenance plan tailored to your needs. Just contact with us and tell us what you are interested in so we can create a customized plan specifically for you.

Of course it is!

We dominate an infinity of CMS, themes, plugins, tools and programming languages. This means that we have a great adaptability to any website that is presented to us regardless of whether we have done it or not. In fact, we currently maintain more than 10 websites that we have not created ourselves.

If you need a quality web maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us.

No, SEO is a long-distance race and, by definition, it is impossible for us to offer it as a one-time service.

Surely if you search in Google for a punctual SEO service you will find countless magic gurus that promise you the moon with a punctual SEO service, but at the moment of the truth they will only sell you at a gold price a sad SEO analysis that I give you for free.

If you need SEO maintenance but you still can't afford to pay for a professional service, I recommend you to start with following the advice of our blog.