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On facebook you have the option to sell and buy products. This platform is a viable alternative for get customers for your store or company. At Geekobit we know the sales potential of this social network. Therefore, in this article we explain how to sell your products on Facebook. 

How the Facebook Page Store works

If you have a business or brand, you can use Facebook to promote it and gain customers. This you do, in principle, setting up a Facebook profile as a store. This Facebook store page option is adapted to showcase your products. Therefore, it includes adequate tools to expose what you offer and motivate purchases. 

A Facebook store gives you the alternative to customize it as you like. Pretend it's a showcase where you present merchandise. You will make it look desirable to customers, giving them immediate purchase information. You have spaces for organize your inventory, describe it and guide the sale

On the other hand, you have the possibility to interact with potential customers via chat. You are also given access to statistics on the views and purchases of your products. This way, you are guaranteed to know in advance the customer's needs and a follow-up of your products. 

As you can see, this is a suitable alternative to expand your virtual store. Of course, you will get better results if you have a specific website for your business. At Geekobit we understand the support of this social network for your store. That's why we make sure to design websites that point to Facebook stores when appropriate. 

Steps to sell on Facebook from your page

How to Sell on Facebook 2
How to Sell on Facebook 2

Having a page of your store in Facebook you can manage sales. You do this through certain strategies or steps to move your followers. The idea is to direct them to a space where the sale can be made. With the steps described below you will know how to sell your products on Facebook. 

Create an image for your company

Defining and building an image consistent with what you offer is essential. It condenses and projects what your brand or company is and promotes. That is why it is important to come up with the right name, if you do not already have one. The creation of logos and other visual elements are also fundamental tools for the image.

Follow a sales strategy

It will not be enough to have a store profile on Facebook to get sales. You must also follow strategies optimization to convert users of this social network into customers. To do this, make intelligent use of the tools that Facebook itself puts at your disposal. That way you will be able to generate a good "call to action"and incentivize purchases. 

A skillful way to take advantage of these spaces is to fill them with good content. To achieve this, it helps to think about the audience you are trying to attract. This will make it easier for you to define the best way to offer your products or services. Think about your target audience and you will specify the most suitable type of images and speech. 

Set up or create your Facebook store account 

You can only use the store tools on Facebook by creating a profile under that modality. You have two alternatives: configuring your current profile or creating one from scratch. You can do so by following the steps indicated by Facebook by clicking on the following link.

To change your current profile to a store profile, go to settings. Then, check the option corresponding to "Templates and tabs" and select the shopping tab. Different alternatives will appear according to the types of stores, choose according to your case. 

Once you have done this, you will have the store tab available. Here you can select what your company offers, be it products or services. After specifying this, you can start uploading the content that displays your work material. You have the possibility to add descriptions and relevant product information. 

Indicates where sales are made

Choose the way in which you want your sales to be made. Some options are: directing to payment management pages or specifying details via chat. You also have the alternative offered by Facebook with Marketplace, which we will discuss below.

Facebook Marketplace When to use it?

Marketplace is available to all userswith or without a store profile. You can use it whenever you want to make a sale, because it is a convenient and simple alternative. So if you create a store profile, you can finalize sales in this way. To do so, follow the steps below. 

How to sell from the Marketplace?

Start selling from Marketplace by following these steps:

Sell from a personal profile

  1. To offer products and services from a personal profile go to the Menu in your account. 
  2. Then choose the "Marketplace" option. From the menu that will appear, select "Sell". 
  3. Choose the type of product or service you offer.
  4. Complete the information requested: description, location, pictures, price and title of the advertisement.

Selling from a store profile

As we said, you can to achieve the sales managed from your Marketplace store page. To do this you must link it to the profile as a sales channel by doing the following:

  1. Go to the "sales manager" and mark your store. 
  2. In the menu located on the left side of the page, click on "Settings".
  3. From the options displayed, choose "Commercial assets".
  4. Then more alternatives will be displayed, from which you must choose "Activate Marketplace".

That way, you will have linked your Facebook store page with Marketplace. Of course, your products must comply with the policies and conditions imposed by Facebook. 

Remember to make sure that the information you add about each product is eye-catching. Use in the titles the terms with which people usually search for what you offer. At ShortlyAI you will find a good SEO tool that can help you in these cases.

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