Why Optimize a website?

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Optimize a website? How many times have you read that phrase, but you don't know the main reason why everyone wants to do it. To begin with, it depends on it that your page appears among the first search results. Does it make more sense now? Therefore, it is necessary to inform yourself about all the elements that contribute to the proper functioning of your website.

With what we will point out below, you will know the benefits of optimizing your virtual site and how to do it.

What is web optimization?

Web optimization is the set of techniques and strategies implemented to make a site work properly. This includes procedures and elements focused on provide a good browsing experience visitors. It also involves solving everything necessary for your website to have a good presence in search engines.

These are processes that improve your site and generate benefits for both you and your users. These mechanisms are based on two types of techniques that you can take advantage of.


Search Engine Optimization consists of a series of strategies from which you give visibility to your website. In this case, you reinforce the relevance and authority of your site organically, i.e. without paying the search engine.


Search Engine Marketing refers to tactics that make your site visible by paying advertising to the search engine. It includes ads whose appearance depends on search keywords.

You can choose to use one or the other type of strategy in the optimization of your website. Of course, if you implement them together, you will get better and faster results.  

What are the benefits of optimizing a website?

The main objective of optimizing your website is to bring you benefits. Although it requires dedication, there are also many fruits of taking care of every element that makes your site work properly. These are just some of the results you will get when we optimize your page.

Increase online visibility

The techniques implemented to optimize your website translate into more visits. When you solve everything required on your site to make it work and display correctly, you give it visibility. This happens because search engines will recognize your good web performance and will show you among the first options.

Support for your goals

In turn, this visibility means support for your objectives, those of your company or organization. The more traffic you have, increase the chances of selling your products or services and promote the information you want.

You will become a reference

If you develop a website that works optimally, your work will be shown as a reference to other companies or people. When searching for information on any topic, the first results are the ones that users consider most relevant. So, appearing among the first search options will increase the credibility of your services and content.  

What is needed to optimize a website?

There are many elements that can be included in the design to improve a page. Some of the tactics necessary in the optimization of your website are the following:

Design a plan

It is easier to determine the tools to use in the optimization of your website when we design a plan. We can create it based on your interests and those of your company or organization. We will evaluate your website, detect its weak points and propose specific actions to solve them.

Audience survey

The user who visits your site is the most important thing. This will help you to specify the elements that your website must have to offer him or her a good navigation experience. We will need to consider their preferences, the type of information your space can offer and the best way to present it to them.

Page structure

The structure of your website contributes to its optimal positioning in search engines. This happens because a clear organization allows the search engine to understand the type of information your site offers. That is why it is important to classify and hierarchize the information so that its focus is clear.

Organization of contents

This classification allows visitors to access the sections of your website in a comfortable way. It is useless to develop high quality content if its presentation is messy. The ideal is show your user what he/she needs without excessive detours.

Templates or themes

A good template or theme allows you to both create an image according to your interests and offer a comfortable navigation. Choose one that generates a good visual impact. and that it is adaptable to all types of devices is key to make an impact.


The address of your page or URL is one of the main elements in SEO. With it, it is easier for your customers to access by memory and search engine categorization. It is for this reason that it must contain the key phrase and should not be a very long address or include strange characters.

The right keywords

Have you ever wondered which are the terms most searched for by users who are you targeting? Keywords are your main allies in the positioning of your web page. Determining the right ones and including them properly in the contents will help your site to appear among the main searches.

Loading times

If a user enters a page that takes a long time to load, he will probably abandon it immediately. The loading speed of your web content is decisive to generate a good flow of visitors. That is why we have plugins that speed up loading times.


Of course, each of the elements you include for the optimization of your website is subject to updates. Necessarily, you must schedule routine maintenance to your site in order to offer adequate content to the current demands of your users. On the other hand, you must make sure that it is aware of the changes in design tools. This will prevent your site from becoming obsolete.

As you can see, there are many elements from which you can optimize a website. Of course, in Geekobit we are your allies for all these tasks and we can offer you the professional help you need for your website. 

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