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Web design has many elements that can make your site a space according to your objectives. Choosing a good Theme for a website is an elementary phase in the creation of your site because its structure depends on it. With a good theme you save problems in the development of your virtual site and gain in design.

You can have high quality content for your website, but it will be lost if you fail to organize and present it properly. This is the importance of templates on your site. Therefore, it is essential to know what you need to know about themes so that you can make the right choice. 

The following are our comments all you need to know to choose a good theme in the design of your website. Also, we explain you the benefits that a good choice of template will bring to your virtual site.

What is the theme of a web page?

When you enter a web page you will notice all its contents distributed according to certain formats, panels, menus, icons and so on. This gives visual characteristics to the web page that make it more or less attractive and functional. Themes or templates are the programming files used to define the structure and appearance of a website..

In other words, a theme determines how your site will look and the user's experience when entering it. As well as the structure, includes typefaces, colors, icons, buttons, backgrounds and other elements in a single format. Some of these elements can be modified and others remain fixed.

How do the themes work on your site?

A theme works through specific files to the different areas that compose it. These files, as a whole, make up the graphical interface of your website and allow you to operate it. That is to say, they are data that intervene in the visual aspect of a web page and in the way of using it.

Themes display their features and elements in your website's content management system. This, in turn, is stored on the server of your web hosting company. Therefore, it is important to have a good hosting service such as "Hostgator"to keep the information integrated into your template secure.

The files that make up a theme are of different types and each one is focused on certain functions or elements. These are some of the basic types of files that make up a template:

  1. PHP files: These include the codes required to make other files perform their functions. They command CSS and media files to execute correctly, thus maintaining the theme structure.
  2. CSS files: They are composed of style sheets that modify the design data of your page, giving them shape. They determine the font size, the layout of columns and buttons and other particularities.
  3. GIF, PNG or JPG files: These folders store the images of your website and indicate the place where they will appear.

These are, at a superficial level, the types of files that make the themes work. These folders, in turn, are divided and organized into as many folders, corresponding to each element of your website. Changes made to your page modify these files and vice versa..  

Why choose a good theme for a website?

The success of your website depends largely on the theme you choose to develop your content. In geekobit we will help you choose a template that meets the following parameters to start building your website:

Visual Effect

The image of your website is closely related to the template. With it you project the information that represents you, your company or organization. The first glance at your page is decisive for a user to decide to stay or leave it immediately. That is why, by choosing a good theme, you also guarantee a high traffic of visitors to your site..

Navigation Experience

The visual effect must be accompanied by a pleasant browsing experience for users. In addition to the way your page looks, a template defines the process of accessing its contents. The theme must present the information in a clear and easy to find way, navigating in it must be satisfactory.

Adaptation to Different Devices

An optimal staff in its functions to will adapt to the device from which your page is accessed without problem. Remember that users will not necessarily access your website from a PC, but also from other devices.

A good theme adapts its format to the operating system of Smartphones and other smart devices. Thus, there will be no inconvenience in accessing your site and you will increase the flow of visitors.

How to choose the right topic?

When choosing a theme for your website, consider the elements that will allow you to achieve the above-mentioned benefits. These are some of the key aspects when choosing:

Modification Alternatives

As we have already mentioned, the visual impact of your website is significant to its success. When choosing a template for your website, should not be so rigid with regard to modifications. In this way, we will be able to adapt several changes to the image you want to project on your site and customize it according to your tastes.

Loading speed

How fast your page loads depends largely on the theme. For its part, loading speed influences your search engine rankings. For this reason, we chose WP Rocket in order to solve by means of a light theme without problems when presenting the contents. It is also useful to integrate plugins to help with this task.

Responsive Design

The adaptation of your page to any type of device depends on the theme having a responsive design. This will allow us to find the ideal visualization according to the proposed site.


It is necessary that the theme has a design that contemplates the updates of the plugins that you integrate. On the other hand, it is necessary that template is not obsolete in terms of styles and functions.

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