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In coaching, the support of digital platforms is essential. Even if your services generate optimal effects, without a website you will hardly be able to offer and implement them efficiently. If this is your area, your knowledge must go hand in hand with an excellent web design for coaches that allows you to connect with clients.

The importance of a website in coaching goes from being able to present your work, to the possibility of implementing it virtually. That is, in addition to allowing you to capture the attention of potential customersYou have the opportunity to serve them online. However, just creating a website does not guarantee its success, you must develop it in a way that is effective.

As a coach, you know better than anyone that in the pursuit of a goal the method used is fundamental. In this case, your purpose is not only to create a web space, but also to boost your professional career. For this purpose, a good web design is the method that will ensure the correct elaboration of your web page..

By focusing your attention and effort on creating a web design that suits your needs, you will get more people to hire you. Here, we present the information you need to develop a good design for your coaching page.

What a web design for Coaches should have

Some aspects are decisive for the design of a web page. Let's say that these are the elements from which you can to mark your approaches and, with them, your strategies. Considering what we will point out below, we are sure that at Geekobit we will be able to boost your web development as a Coach.

Think about your Purposes

Keep in mind each of your professional purposes: personal growth, economic success, optimization of your methods, helping others. Everyone should get a reinforcement tool on your website. Remember that we will create a space where your knowledge, slogans and coaching methods will be projected.

It is necessary to reinforce the characteristics that differentiate your work from that of other coaches. This distinction will be extended to your website, through specific elements offered by the web design.

Consider Users' Objectives

The content you develop on your website must also respond to the needs of its users. Your services must be offered in such a way that your visitors want to know more about them. Ideally, build a design that reflects the type of experience your coaching promotes..

Don't Be Afraid of Digitizing Your Services

A website gives you the opportunity not only to present yourself as a coach, but also to exercise your services virtually. You may be wary of this modality, because you are used to face-to-face events. However, the benefits of attending therapies or conferences through digital platforms will make you consider it.

You can provide consultation without the need to be in the same physical space with the client. In addition, we can add many tools from web design to reinforce your coaching methods.

Tools that a Web Design for Coaches Should Offer

Web design puts at your disposal different elements that you can turn into mechanisms to achieve your goals. We invite you to carefully review the key tools to include in your web design proposal for Coaches.

Optimal Hosting Service

It is essential that everything you are going to integrate into your site is located on a fast and secure platform. Thus, the contents of your Coach platform will load with agility and visitors will not be bored with long waits. We solve this type of problem with our friends at FastComet. Thus, we can offer you the best feasible web hosting alternative.

Recognizable Image

Think and create an image that represents you as a Coach, consistent with your essence and work. From web design we can also elaborate logos and mount pictures and images that take you to the users. Also, it is important to to expose your favorite slogans or phrases that condense what your coaching proposal is about.

The ideal is to project yourself as a reliable Coach, with certified and proven experience. To do this, it is also vital to include information on your website that makes you reliable: years of experience, courses attended, testimonials, and more..

Organized Content

All the information that you integrate into your site should be based on a sales funnel. That is, organize the content in a way that facilitates the process for a user to become a customer. The idea is to attract and keep the visitor's attention through a simple and accessible web structure. These templates are some of the ones you can choose from and, if you don't decide on any of them, we will do that job for you.

Downloadable Material and Blogs

We will provide a preview of your coaching services by publishing downloadable materials. Also, we can help you to link a blog to the website where you publish texts in line with your proposals. This way, you awaken the interest of users and move them to want to get more of your materials and services.

Online Consultations

There are many systems that allow you to broadcast live sessions from web design. You can include links to video conferences in Zoom, Google Meet or Skype, and integrate streaming platforms. Either way, you will be able to contact and serve customers regardless of the distance.


The steps corresponding to the sales funnel that we have mentioned must go through because the user registers their data. Therefore, we can integrate forms in your coaching website to be filled out by visitors interested in your services.

Methods of payment

It is essential that we add payment mechanisms for those who wish to buy your texts or pay for your services. From links to Paypal, Zelle, or any other virtual wallet, to payment systems integrated to your website.

Agenda Online Sessions

Regardless of whether you are consulting remotely or in person, having a virtual agenda will help you a lot. You can integrate calendars or agendas from platforms such as Calendly or Google CalendarThe new software, which will make it much easier to schedule your sessions, is now available.

Your Course Programs

Show users the structure you follow in the development of the contents of your coaching courses. Giving an idea of what is learned with your programs will move the curiosity of the users of your page. 

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