How to connect with your audience? 5 tips for engaging with your audience in social networks

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Engagement with your target audience is of vital importance when it develops a content marketing strategy, as this keeps them engaged with your brand and interested in your offerings.

The content is relevant and useful to your audience is key to boosting engagement with them and connect with your audience, unlike publications aggressive or promotional only the gap will widen even more of you. Here are 5 strategies to engage your target market:

Think about how to connect with your audience

1. Think of your audience

When you create content for their target audience, it is essential that you first consider your goals and needs. Market research, customer feedback or any other means can provide this information, helping you to create articles that are most relevant and helpful that contribute to achieving the business objectives.

Locate and understand the challenges of your target audience is essential to understand their needs, preferences and build a connection with your audience. You can do this by conducting research, use of data or the use of different methodologies, such as surveys, focus groups, listening on the social networks or to collect customer reviews. Once you know your key problems, you can develop content or postings on their social networks to provide solutions.

A way to obtain information about the needs of your audience is to observe what your competitors on social networks. If you do not want to copy them directly, their strategies can provide guidance on what might work well with its own target market; for example, if a competitor performs contests, you can try something similar with your campaign, and see how well it works.

Its kind of content creation, you must also depend on the tastes and preferences of your audience. For example, videos can help you connect with your audience, but if they prefer to images, you need to search in the best báncos images and look at that format, and the format of the publication of the blog would work better as a learning platform.

If your audience is predominantly B2C, consider including photo-like images and infographics in your content strategy. The images tend to be shared more widely that the publications of only text. A emoji can also add a bit of character and generate commitment!

2. Create relevant content to connect with your audience

The perception of your online audience about your business or brand depends largely on the content that you post. Make sure that resonate with them to doing research and analyzing data: tools such as Facebook Insights and Instagram Insights can help with this effort, providing information on the location, gender, age, and information of interest to your target demographic.

The feedback from your customers can help you determine what content to create to connect with your audience. For example, ask customers what topics or publications would be useful or interesting to you is a way to do it and will increase the chance to engage and share their publications.

Focus on solving problems that resonate with your audience can also help you create content that is appealing to them, as guides, or tutorials that teach you new skills or techniques to its readers. Doing this will establish you as a credible source and reliable, creating a greater loyalty from them.

Your content doesn't have to be boring! The sharing of videos or images they share funny stories or inspirational, you can connect with your audience on a more personal level, which makes it more likely they are to engage with your brand and share your content. 

To produce relevant material that appeals to your target audience, you will be able to differentiate from the competition and attract more interest to your company or brand.

3. Create content that is visually appealing

The contents of the social networks that produces reflects directly on your brand, so it's crucial to be visually appealing to attract audiences. People tend to have periods of attention short, it is a key that any publication created for social networks is sufficiently striking.

One way to create publications that are visually appealing is to add images. It has been shown that images increase the chance that the tweets are retuiteados and publications of Facebook to interact with an average of 150 percent more "likes" than those without images. 

Another way to create content visually appealing is to use videos; The video can serve as an attractive means that it has a compelling story or creates awareness on specific issues.

The infographics are another great way to add visual appeal and convey complex information in a format that is easily understandable. The infographics can help you highlight key points within your content as you do that the complex data to be easily digestible for the reader.

Add a call to action (CTA) in every post they publish. This might vary from order comments or tips to the more complex, such as surveys.

Finally, to create relevant content for events or current trends is also beneficial to connect with your audience and create a sense of urgency or support a cause. In addition, this content can humanize your brand and foster an emotional connection between the audience and the business; for example, if a trend viral involves vessels red season of Starbucks, it could create a publication attractive asking your followers to share your photo for a chance to win a prize!

interactive content helps you connect with your audience

4. Create content that is interactive

Users of social networks are flooded with content every day, which makes it difficult to create publications that stand out and attract new followers while expanding the reach of your brand. Although the publications promotional are important, it is equally essential to provide educational publications or attractive that bring real value to your audience.

An effective strategy to connect with your audience is to create interactive publications. The interactive publications allow visitors to participate by answering a question or doing an action, which makes this type of content is much more engaging than traditional publications and driving more traffic to your website, generating leads or creating brand recognition.

Questionnaires, surveys, and videos, are only three interactive publications in social networks, you can engage and attract your target audience. Each one has its own distinctive shape of them. Questionnaires and surveys provide immediate responses from your target audience and can help you to discover information such as their interests, views, or values.

Videos are an engaging, interactive content, which is used to market specific products or services as to provide entertainment for an audience. With the use of video tools that are interactive, you can add elements that you can click to allow viewers to choose specific parts of the video that I would like to see.

To connect with your audience create interactive publications on social networks offering a workbook or a challenge attractive. Engage them with an immersive experience allows you to build an emotional bond while she encourages them to share it with their networks. A workbook or a challenge to social networks can also serve as an educational opportunity or to generate brand recognition.

5. Create content that can be shared

As a company, the content of their social media needs to stand out from the competition in order to connect with their audience. Recalling that the content is not only used to promote products or services, which should also serve to build relationships with clients and engage with your target audience, therefore, when you create publications that are attractive to the social networks, it is advisable to follow some of the best basic practices to get the maximum effect.

People love stories, so make sure that your posts tell a story to attract your target audience to connect with your audience. This could involve an action as simple as posting a picture with a caption explaining, or more complex methods, such as adding more details via text overlays, or video presentations.

The infographics are another great way to share information visually, and are especially effective for transmitting data or statistics complexes. Finally, don't forget that your organization or community can serve as a source of great content on the pages of social networks; the use of content from external sources to be reliable adds credibility to the publications and shows that not only touts itself.

Avoid discussing sensitive topics or controversial when you publish content on the pages of social networks, as they criticize others or criticize the competitors could keep you from connecting with your audience, lower your reliability and compromising relationships with customers.

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