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Content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on attracting potential customers in a natural way, engaging your target audience and growing your network of leads and customers, through the creation of relevant and valuable content that is distributed in the different channels and digital media where the audience is. 

Content marketing is an integral and fundamental part of Inbound Marketing, which is the main element of the best and most modern customer acquisition strategies. Here are some of the most popular tools. 


Deliver personalized content by engaging your audience through digital channels. It relies on user actions on websites, search history, email and paid media channels.

With OneSpot you can also run segmented emailing campaigns and other multichannel marketing actions.


It helps you to identify which contents are more viral on the Internet and thus be able to create a content plan that is up to the task. It has a search engine with different segmentation criteria: language, country, type of content or age of the content, among others.

It also takes into consideration resources that allow: 

  • discover which content is most shared; 
  • tracking brands, competitors and backlinks; 
  • identify influencers and links shared by them; 
  • generate analysis reports by subject and other filters.


It is a social network of questions and answers, ideal for finding out what content and questions are most frequently repeated in the online sector or niche of your business, since when you register in the network you choose your topics of interest. 

You can also vote for the answers that users consider good, just by clicking and you can interact with a wide variety of professionals and students in the field of entrepreneurship and business, as well as with people interested in topics in your area.


It is a software used to detect and avoid plagiarism, as it scans the web for duplicate content from other pages and verifies the originality of the content.

There are two versions, a free version and a paid version. The free version allows you to search one by one the pages you want to check if they have been plagiarized.

The premium version costs 10 cents per search. In addition, you can copy and paste text into a box and search for duplicate or original content.


It is a platform of cloud solutions for the publication, distribution, measurement and monetization of videos, since it facilitates their diffusion in all types of destinations and devices thanks to the set of tools provided. 

It offers 6 products:

  • VIDEO CLOUD: Complete video hosting and publishing platform
  • ONCE: Insertion of announcements and combination of sequences
  • LIFT: Manage ad blockers and increase revenues
  • OTT FLOW: Rapid deployment of live and on-demand video services
  • PERFORM: Fast and customizable HTML5 video player
  • ZENCODER: The leader in live and cloud-based video transcoding


It is a platform for employee promotion and social selling, in this platform companies can take advantage of their employees as "spokespersons" of the brand. You can organize in one place the publications in a kind of digital magazine, here the company's employees access every day and then share on their social media.

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