Connecting business e-mail to Outlook in 4 steps

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Have you created your business email and don't know how to send and receive messages with it? In this article I show you step by step how to connect your business email to Outlook. If instead or in addition to Outlook you prefer to use another email client, you can see here how to connect mail with Gmail. Or how to link business mail with Apple mail.

Why connect business e-mail to Outlook?

When you create a business email on your server or shared hosting, these emails can be viewed from the webmail at first. This is a little uncomfortable because to access the webmail we should enter each time to the server and we miss mail notifications and the ease of administration that give us tools like Outlook or Thunderbird, these tools are called "email clients" and from them we can manage multiple email accounts from the same place to receive and send messages easily.

So, how to connect business email to Outlook?

Without further ado, here is the tutorial on how to connect your email account to Outlook:

0.-Before you start, confirm that you have Outlook

The first thing you will need to do is to have the Outlook application installed on your computer. Outlook is part of the Office suite so you probably already have it installed on your computer, just search for Outlook on your PC and you will find it. If you do not find it, you can always download Thunderbird o use Gmail in place.

1.-Open Outlook and add a new account.

Now open the Outlook application and go to "File", there indicate the option "add account" as shown in the image:

how to connect company email to outlook 1
The first step to connect business mail to Outlook

2.-Indicate your new company email address

The first thing it will ask you when trying to add a new account is to enter this new account you want to manage from Outlook. Put your new business email here and press connect. Note, if you have a specific preference on whether you want to connect your account via POP3 or IMAP, select under "advanced options" the option to manually configure the connection. Read on to find out the difference between POP3 and IMAP.

how to connect company email with outlook 2
The second step to connect business mail to Outlook

3.-IMAP vs POP3

You may not have to do this step if Outlook automatically detected the configuration. But it is very likely that it will prompt you to select one of these options (among others we are not interested in):

IMAP and POP3 are the 2 different protocols with which we can connect to email. In general, I recommend connecting via IMAP, but you might be interested in connecting via POP3. Here are the differences:


By connecting the account through this protocol, the connection with the server is total, the messages that will be displayed in your account in Outlook are exactly the messages that are stored on the server. This means that if you delete a message in Outlook, it will be deleted everywhere. What you see in Outlook is what is actually on the server.


Connecting your mail via POP3 does create a space with the mails you receive but, if you delete them in Outlook, they will only be deleted in Outlook but will still exist on the server. This can make it easier to fill up the space on the server (by not cleaning it), but it also makes you have your backup of deleted and undeleted messages. If for example you have the same account connected to 3 Outlooks on 3 different devices, even if you delete the message on one device, it will still exist on the other two.

What if I don't know what to choose?

Choose IMAP and continue. In the example, we did it through IMAP:

how to connect company email to outlook 3
The third step to connect business mail to Outlook

4.-Enter server data

In this step you will have to enter the data that correspond to your server so that Outlook can connect to it to show you your emails and let you send on behalf of that account.

If we have created the e-mail address for you, we will have sent you an image with some configuration data. It is time to use it. If you have not done it through us, when you create your email in cPanel or Plesk, you will have been given this data, always keep the SSL/TLS secure connection data.

Enter the data as shown below:

how to connect company email with outlook 4
The fourth step to connect business mail to Outlook

Please note that these data I show are an example! Instead of "[email protected]", "email password" and "" you must enter your data, the ones we send you by email.

If instead of giving you the option of the SSL/TLS encryption method it offers them separately, select TLS and if it doesn't let you, put SSL.

Finally press next and the configuration will be finished.

Connecting business email with Outlook has never been easier

And this is how we can connect business email to Outlook. I hope this tutorial has been of great help to you. Whether it helped you or if you have any questions, I encourage you to leave me your comment to continue improving our services.

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