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The text of the announcement is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal of digital marketing, as it attracts customers and encourages them to take the next steps, either visit their website or purchase products.

An effective strategy of advertising text can evoke a variety of emotions, from curiosity and envy, until the fear of missing something. Here are some tips for copywriting to increase click-through rates on the website of your company.

1. Use images in their advertising texts

The advertising texts must create an immediate impression and powerful. The images that support the message should also help to strengthen it, from photographs that show your product or service and their key features, to more complex graphs that show how your product improves situations or solve problems. The other visual elements that may be helpful testimonials and reviews from customers, scientific studies or awards and certifications.

Images can improve the emotional impact of an advertisement on the strengthening both your copy as their emotional components. The images are especially useful for creating anxiety, or commotion; for example, the use of a countdown timer you can create urgency to alert people that a sale or a limited time offer will expire soon.

Think about this when designing the message of your ad and choose the images that reinforce; the use of images of fast food might seem out of place and detract from the overall message, for example, if your product or service is the mobile it might even detract from the overall message!

Finally, be sure to incorporate the key words that are relevant in the text of your ad. This can be accomplished using the words previously selected your search query in the title and in the description of the text of the ad, and thus, increase its relevance against other advertisers and at the same time, will increase click-through rates by optimizing your copywriting for improve the SEO and to be number 1 in the search engines.

2. Using data and numbers (1,2,3...)

After several intensive sessions of brainstorming and probably drinking a gallon jug full of coffee, it is possible that you have found the advertising texts incredible for their campaigns. But, how do you know if they really work?

One of the best ways to improve ad text of your ad is to add numbers. The numbers build trust and authority while emphasizing the key points of your message, whether they are statistics, testimonies and findings of scientific research. When you include more numbers in the text of your ad, you can help to make their offer more attractive to potential buyers.

When to use numbers in the text of your announcement, make sure you always deletrearlos clearly to the readers. Many do not like to do sums mentally, so it's best to show people exactly what they are getting instead of forcing them to figure it out by themselves. The numbers also help to create an immediate sense of urgency within your copy when you remember that people only have a limited time to take action.

In addition to using numbers in the text of your ad, the routes display Google Ads allow you to highlight the keywords that people search for when they find your ad, helping to strengthen its relevance and increase click-through rates.

With the competition in line increasingly hard to make, it is of vital importance to improve and optimize continuously their skills of writing ads, and to ensure that resonate with your target audience, through the use of simple techniques such as these to create advertising texts effective to capture the audience and generate results. 

Don't be intimidated by this world so great of online advertising, experiment and try until your copy connect with your audience. Digital advertising has to do with the incremental improvements and small adjustments can add up quickly to increase the conversion rate.

3. Write like you talk

An advertisement effective you must make the people feel they are getting to know your brand, what makes it more likely that you will feel that you understand their needs and are willing to help them. Use a natural language, instead of writing in a formal style that may seem distant and distance of your potential customers.

When describing the benefits of their products or services, try to describe them using language familiar to your audience; this will identify and encourage them to take action.

The Dr. Robert Cialdini he explained in his famous book "Influence" as one of the main objectives of the persuasive advertising should be to help people to satisfy their need to provide rational justification for decisions based on emotions. You can achieve this by including facts or testimonies in their ads and this way, people will find credible and easy-to-remember their products when justifying their purchases.

When you make a sale or an event for a limited time, including deals in the text of your ad to encourage people to act quickly. An element of countdown also has been shown to be effective to increase click-through rates and conversions.

Create high-quality ads requires dedicating time and effort, however, if it takes too long to write your advertising copy, or is a daunting task for you: there are tools that can also help you with that! Writesonic is a powerful tool for writing AI that can quickly help generate a copy appeal in a matter of minutes.

4. Use stories in your advertising texts

After spending some time and take a coffee break with a rain of ideas for the text of your ad, you may need some concepts to bright, however, to know if this really will encourage people to click and convert, it is necessary to test your ads.

The tester division of ads integrated Google Ads is an effective way to run A/B tests to compare two variants of each ad, and to determine what gets a better response from the consumers. A/B testing can help to identify its title, image and CTA ideals.

However, other techniques may also help to increase click-through rates, including the utilization of the power of storytelling to make the ads more attractive to read, and more persuasive in their messages. With the inclusion of a narrative arc in your advertising texts and make them more interesting for people, these will become more persuasive.

The storytelling in ads can help increase click-through rates to engage emotionally to the people with your product or service. Depending on what you sell, the narrative can lead to desires as curiosity or anticipation, while fear can cause responses such as anxiety.

To market a product or service effectively, the key is to create a narrative attractive with a language that is simple but shocking. Don't overwhelm people with long stories, as it is possible that you do not bother finishing them all; also be sure to avoid capital letters, words, hyperbolic and exclamation points in their advertising copy to get the best results.

5. Give the people a direct call-to-action

The digital advertisements are a key part of any marketing strategy or advertising successful, whether they are used to increase traffic, awareness or generate leads. The digital advertisements require a communication concise deliver key messages quickly, which can hinder your writing in comparison with the blog posts or the copys that you use on your website. Therefore, taking the time and making the effort to write an attractive text for each campaign is key to optimize their success.

Create advertising texts, captivating requires a combination intricate tactics and techniques to increase click-through rates. The text of the advertisement must be concise, direct, persuasive, and aimed at the emotions that are specific to the product or service offered by your company; for example, a company that offers sustainable packaging-you may want the text of your ad to invoke feelings of hope and change, while that sell luxury items you might want to provoke feelings of desire or jealousy in the audience.

Use words like "you" and "your" in your copywriting to increase your effectiveness and make the customer feel that the message is addressed directly to him. In addition, these phrases add an element of peace of mind, such as providing guarantees or return policies of money.

Create a call to action cash it can be a challenge, because you want the people to perform the desired action without seeming aggressive or intrusive. To avoid this problem, be specific and direct about the desired action that you would like to take, and give them a compelling reason to do so; for example: "call now to schedule your free consultation".

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