New trends in SEO: to be the number 1 in a panorama of search that is constantly changing.

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We must always be attentive to the new trends in SEO because this is always cambiándo. SEO is an integral component of digital marketing that involves the optimization of websites to appear higher in the results pages of search engines (SERP).

The best SEO practices that focus on search intent and provide value to the users, which makes 2023 is a crucial year for companies seeking to stay ahead of the competition to be updated.

1. Optimization mobile first

Mobile searches have surpassed for a long time, the desktop search, and this trend shows no signs of change in the short term. As a result, the optimization mobile phone has become an essential strategy of SEO: take account of elements of design as the structure and the speed of the page to ensure that it is optimized for mobile devices is essential to the success of the marketers of office.

To achieve this, it is necessary to ensure that all resources of the page to be loaded simultaneously; this means making visible any content that was concealed by the lazy load or remove it from your entire site. In addition, the optimization for the search semantics requires the creation of content designed to answer a question from the audience using structured data when appropriate, and producing results quickly and efficiently.

Google recently implemented a strategy of indexing of mobile devices, which means that now rely primarily on the mobile version of your content to index and classify it in comparison with the use of desktop versions as source of classification in the past. This marks an important change for the SEO professionals.

With the recent change of method of indexing of Google has never been more important for companies to make sure that your web site is optimized for mobile devices. Otherwise, your company could lose traffic and potential sales that are presented.

2. Voice search

Voice search has quickly become one of the main trends of digital marketing and will continue to gain momentum with time. A recent study indicates that 50 % of all online searches will be based on the voice by 2020, which means that the optimization of the voice search no longer be viewed as an option but as an absolute requirement.

The technology, search by voice using a voice recognition software to convert the verbal commands of the user in search queries, with personal assistants virtual as Siri or Alexa, which then provide spoken responses or the best results through a fragment of the web page. Optimize content for this search involves adapt to the requests spoken, as well as to the preferred results by the personal assistants virtual as Siri or Alexa.

One of the key aspects of the optimization of voice search is to make sure that the keywords are used naturally in the content, as users usually express their query, instead of using key words or phrases and individual search. The keywords long tail tend to generate higher conversion rates.

The search optimization voice (VSEO) is also crucial for companies that want to get a top rank in the search results by voice. Most of the search by voice is performed locally, and users looking for products or services nearby. Make sure that your business appears on Google Business and offer: detail of your website, opening hours and contact details optimized for users of voice search can find you easily.

Keep up to date with Google algorithms to ensure that your content is compatible with the voice is of utmost importance, how to use RankBrain algorithm (machine learning from Google, which gives priority to some websites over others) to determine who should appear at the top of the results pages of the search engine.

New trends in SEO include the use of chatbots

3. Chatbots powered by AI

The chatbots AI have long been part of the SEO strategies, and their use in these strategies is becoming more widespread. These bots use natural language processing to understand the question asked by the users, and provide responses that are tailored specifically to them. In addition, these bots AI can learn from the interactions to adapt and evolve accordingly.

These bots can save businesses money by eliminating the costs associated with human operators, but they have some drawbacks that limit their effectiveness. A problem is to distinguish the text generated by AI produced with software specifically designed to generate original text without human intervention; therefore, it is crucial that there are quality control procedures to ensure that all the content on your site meets the standards of high quality.

Another drawback of the bots is its possible bias, which can hinder your results. For example, they might recommend products or services associated with the brand that represent more frequently, which leads to the sharing of information is biased and inaccurate with the customers. In addition, bots can be vulnerable to hacking or other forms of manipulation.

The chatbots AI have many advantages. Can enhance the experience of users, to drive sales, generate leads and track data to make informed decisions for the business. In addition, the bots AI allow employees to concentrate on more important projects thanks to the repetitive tasks automated bots AI made.

SEO professionals should take note of these new trends to evaluate and update their current strategies with the purpose of to optimize their websites. In doing so, they can better position their websites for any future updates of SEO.

4. Custom search

The search engines are always updated, which makes it difficult for the SEO can predict which strategies will work year after year. Google releases updates regularly that they can do that what worked yesterday may not work today and it makes keeping up with the trends of SEO is essential to remain competitive within any niche.

The custom search is a trend becoming more popular than it has in the account records of users searching, and other factors to provide more relevant results. Although personalized search has its drawbacks, the SEO specialists can take advantage of this trend by offering more specific results.

Custom search can also provide you with geographical orientation, which puts businesses and other relevant information about the physical location of the searcher. While this can be extremely advantageous for the local businesses, the follow-up may become more difficult due to increased competition localized.

The device type can also have an effect on the search engine results, depending on the behavior of previous navigation of the user and the device used to perform the searches. This presents the SEO with the additional challenge of optimizing the site and the contents for different devices and types of users.

The custom search is becoming more prominent, so that marketers must create quality content that provides value to your target audience while creating a pleasant experience for the user. Keyword stuffing, or writing content only to attract the search engines could lead to penalties in the SERPfor this reason, their efforts should focus on producing valuable material that appeals to the users while meeting high standards of Google for experiences in the line of quality.

New trends in SEO include making quality content for the audience.

5. Content Marketing

In the content marketing quality still trumps quantity, so please take the time to create high-quality articles to help readers, since, in this way Google decides who deserves to appear as the answer to a search query or a fragment highlighted.

The content should also reflect the core competencies of your company; for example, if you offer services for remodeling with interior design, the creation of informative articles about different aspects of the design of interiors, may prove to be particularly effective for getting a good web positioning.

The final key element of content marketing should be to create content that is aligned with your business objectives while supporting the best tools for SEO. Writing centered on the keywords may tempt you, but it is best to write to the intent of the audience instead of producing material that simply confuse or bore the guests. The search engines have become more sophisticated with time and can recognize when you are writing with the aim of positioning with key words in place of the satisfaction of the reader.

In essence, a marketing strategy content effective always will be about providing a user experience outstanding and rewarding them with higher ratings in the search engines. Make sure you dedicate enough time and resources to learn basic techniques of SEO while prioritizes quality over quantity when planning the content for 2023.

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