The 3 best SEO tools alternatives to Yoast SEO for WordPress.

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Yoast SEO is one of the many SEO tools of WordPress and it's extremely popular because it gives users all the tools necessary to optimize the content for search engines. Unfortunately, some may find its price and complexity, excessive or prohibitive.

There are some excellent alternatives that can help your site rank better without breaking the bank or hinder the performance.

1. Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO it is an affordable alternative to Yoast SEO that presents a variety of tools to help optimize publications and blog pages to get higher ratings, as tools for keyword research, capacity of analysis of the competition, a generator of ideas of blogs, scheduler, auto-post to social networks, and title/description of SEO that appear in the search results.

Squirrly stands out from other add-ons for SEO with its user-friendly interface and intuitive set of features that make it a fantastic choice for bloggers, beginners and business owners who want to expand their game of SEO.

One of the best aspects of Squirrly is your update process to take maximum advantage of their functions. The free version has no advertising and contains everything you need for the optimization in the page of any blog (including the optimization of the images), marks scheme to help Google better understand the content creation, as well as previews automatic social networks on Facebook and Twitter.

The function Focus Pages is another of the many advantages of Squirrly, as it provides an analysis of its content and recommendations on how to fix it. This helps to prioritize tasks at the time that it increases the chances of ranking in the search engines; in addition, it keeps track of the progress so you can see how the changes affect the rankings over time.

Squirrly offers an advanced tool of research of key words, that allows you to discover keywords relevant to your niche and identify the competition for them, providing an estimate of how much work must be carried out to classify them, what helps you decide if an AdWords campaign pays or not.

Rank Math is another alternative to Yoast SEO with more functions than its rivals. With over a million active installations and an intuitive user interface, with smart tools automation and analysis of web sites that will save you time as you migrate easily to the settings of other plugins such as Yoast or other. In addition, can support multiple keywords for each page or publication, a generator of pieces, automated, integration with Google Analytics, in addition to having their own keyword tool LSI built-in to help create more engaging content.

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2. All in One SEO

This snap-in presents a board clean and easy to use for quick analysis of data from SEO, as well as the ability to create maps of sites, XML, edit the titles and meta descriptions, optimize up to three keywords per page and add structured data, though unlike its main competitor. Yoast SEO does not analyze the content of the page itself; however, it still has many useful features and is worth considering as an alternative option.

The add-in All in One SEO it was designed to provide advice to a level comparable to that provided by the consultants, SEO professionals, which allows you to optimize your site and reach the top of the search results without incurring professional costs. This is achieved by performing an in-depth analysis of the content of the page and suggesting ways to boost the SEO; in Addition, this add-on comes equipped with features such as an analyzer of the links incorporated, a maker of maps of sites XML and an optimizer tags og. ¡In addition to the option of integrating social media can help you promote your web site!

All in One SEO is free to use, but to get access to its premium features, you need to upgrade to its pro version for 49$ / year (comes online support). Launched recently (in 2017), All-in-One SEO account with various SEO tools, such as the metadata manager, site maps, XML Google sitemaps XML, image and video, as well as integration with Google Analytics, features, content editing and compatibility with WooCommerce, not to mention an integrated analysis.

Both All in One SEO as Yoast offer a large number of functions, so that it is difficult to choose between them. Each offers different levels with more functionality. However, it is important to remember that these plug-ins should only serve as complements of its overall strategy of SEO, and should be implemented in conjunction with other tools.

The plugin All in One SEO stands out from its counterpart Yoast to offer several key advantages, in particular the bulk edit data related to SEO, a huge time saver when making numerous upgrades to the time. The integration of All in One SEO with Google Search Console makes it simple and accessible, providing valuable information of SEO directly on your interface. 

As an alternative to Yoast, the plugin All in One SEO may also prove to be a valuable option. Although it lacks some of the most sophisticated features, its intuitive interface makes it an excellent choice for both beginners and experts. In addition, its free version offers many of the same features that its competitors more expensive, not to mention that it is one of the plugins SEO WordPress more stable and reliable available today.

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3. SEO tools: YoastSeo vs Rank Math, All in One SEO (AiOSEO) and Squirrly SEO.

If you are looking for an alternative to Yoast SEO to help you optimize your websitethere are several options available that can better suit your requirements and budget needs. Some are easy to use, others provide additional features, and others may cost less. Find the ideal option depends on your goals and individual circumstances.

Between the alternatives of Yoast SEO that have proven to be popular are: Rank Math, All in One SEO and Squirrly. Each add-in provides functions optimization SEO similar in one easy to use package at a competitive price and with free versions also available.

AiOSEO is one of the add-ons WordPress most known and used. With features that include keyword research, competitor analysis, content analysis, and more, perfect for beginners, SEO as well as for experienced professionals, AiOSEO allows you to track the progress of your website over time and monitoring their performance over time.

All in One SEO is another great option for WordPress users looking for a solution of SEO all-in-one. The plug-in interface is easy to use, which makes it accessible even for novice users of SEO. A configuration wizard, and a useful guide to facilitate the beginning; other options include settings SEO meta level, as well as a scale color-coded to indicate the compatibility of the content with the search engines.

Yoast provides functions SEO with a steep learning curve; an alternative that is worth considering is Rank Math which offers SEO optimization, more simple with a learning curve much lower. Although its free version provides access to some of the features, a paid subscription unlocks all of the capabilities available, as well as the monitor 404 built-in, the administrator of redirection, the compatibility with site maps, XML for compatibility with marking scheme deep, compatibility, and integration with social networks, and more.

The plugin Yoast SEO can be an excellent tool for SEO, but it has its limitations. For example, it does not provide advanced features for SEO out of the website, such as the creation of links or social cues. In addition, its steep learning curve can present problems for the newcomers, while its premium version can be costly for small businesses or the self-employed.

If you are looking for the solution of effective SEO and complete, take a look at the three SEO tools for WordPress that we mention in this article. These add-ins will give you all the necessary tools to improve the ranking in the search engines, and strengthen your online presence.

The success of your business, WordPress is based on plugins SEO ideals (and in having a successful design among other things). These add-ons can improve the search engine optimization, generate more traffic and increase revenue. Find one that fits your budget, goals and industry. Then start working on your growth! Good luck!

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