Connects your website to other platforms by taking into account these 4 aspects.

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I go ahead and connect your website to other platforms! In this process, join multiple software solutions into a unified whole and functional, to allow the automation and consolidation of data relevant to the time that it increases the accessibility and availability in real-time.

Index (or frame) is a method for linking sites; here a word scrambled, or an image directly links with another website. However, this approach has some drawbacks that must be considered.

Connect your website to social networks

1. Integration of social networks

The integration of the social media channels is essential for the marketing success of the web site, driving higher levels of engagement, providing data collection and analysis of accurate, increasing brand recognition, and simplifies the tracking of KPIS.

The integration can be a complicated task and requires a lot of time, especially when it comes to legacy systems. You must perform large-scale testing prior to deployment to detect and correct any possible errors during this process.

The integration of the social networks and your website allows you to display the reviews and comments from customers directly in your web, in order to show your customers that you care what they think, and also allows you to show your future prospects for the experience others have had using their products and services. Doing this will strengthen the credibility with the customers, which will lead to higher rates of sales with their networks sociales and retention rates in general.

The built-in social networking can also help your company to promote the upcoming meetings or webinars to display event information on your website or send out emails to customers directly, as well as direct them to the social media platform is right for them to keep up to date with company news.

Most e-commerce websites integrate their social networks to enable their customers to easily share products you like with friends and family through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which simplifies the shopping and increases conversion rates. This provides buyers with easier access to what they are looking for and at the same time, it increases the sales.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is a strategy that is incredibly useful to reach out directly to your audience with personalized messages. The e-mail can also generate potential customers, nurture customers and generate loyalty, but to capitalize truly your power is of vital importance to understand its nuances and use advanced techniques to maximize the return on the investment.

The integration of systems in the email marketing will help you to have better communication with their former clients, future prospects, and with the entire chain of distribution within your company; the latter will help you to reduce labor costs, increase productivity, and streamline the exchange of information in all the links of the chain of distribution. 

The integration could include any combination of relationship management (CRM with the customer), management of the supply chain (including payments for deliveries to vendors, etc.), the internal communications of marketing, such as sales data for advertising, etc; and even could be combined human resources (personnel files, payments, etc) with personnel files (to facilitate applications for interface) and more.

When you are working on the integration of the system, it is essential to create a comprehensive plan and assemble an experienced team to oversee it all, and the goal should always be that group of people to work in close collaboration to develop a unified strategy that produces positive results for the entire organization.

Connects your website to an e-comerce

3. E-commerce

Web development e-commerce refers to the creation of a web site to sell products or services in line, making their offers are accessible for the customers who otherwise could not access. In addition, this practice may increase the visibility of the brand while strengthening the relationship between your brand and customer base.

If you are creating an e-commerce website, it is essential that you work with an experienced team to design a website attractive, but functional, that will ensure the security and ease of use for customers. They can even help you select a payment gateway efficient to handle all the transactions in an effective manner.

The integration of e-commerce with other platforms you can prevent the information becomes inconsistent between systems to take advantage of the existing information instead of having to start collecting again all the data, saving you the time and money you and your team.

Web design, publishing and scheduling are three subfields of e-commerce that are continuously changing to meet the demands of the users. Websites have become an essential element in the life moderna and web developers play an essential role to drive this change.

The web continues to thrive at a pace unparalleled, creating more opportunities than ever for web developers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that the work of a web developer to increase by 13 % in eight years, beating many other careers in technology significantly faster.

Web development generally involves two areas: front-end and back-end. The front-end, with which the users will interact directly, often using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while in the back-end servers and databases are managed using Java, one of the most popular languages for creating web sites robust.

4. Integration analysis

The integration of systems analysis are technologies designed to allow companies to connect various IT solutions without problems, sharing information and processes while maintaining the integrity of the data within an organization.

Recognize the different types of integration of the systems available will allow you to select an ideal solution for your business.

Vertical integration is the first form of integration of systems. This approach is based on structures, silos, creating a chain of ascending functionality from the bottom up. While vertical integration can be relatively quick and easy to implement, its disadvantage may be limited flexibility, since new functionality will require its own "silo".

The integration in star is another form of integration of systems in which each subsystem is linked directly to another using point to point connections, which offers greater functionality but, often, it becomes difficult to manage, because each system must be updated individually and make sure that hackers do not have access to all aspects of the IT infrastructure.

Systems integration is one of the key benefits of the integration for any organization as it makes the critical information more accessible across your entire organization. This can speed up decision making and improve productivity. Prior to integration of the system, the information had to be entered repeatedly in multiple systems, which slowed the access of the personal and meant that the details essential to know until later.

If you are looking to connect your website to other platforms you should know that there are companies that provide systems integration services and these are a good idea if you have a broad base of partners or systems; it will equip you better to deal with any unexpected problems during a project, you will have a greater closeness with your customers and understand them better for you to highlight your professionalism and the quality of your work.

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