4 keys to a design of a stunning website. Increase your online presence.

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Are you looking to optimize your website design to be more seen on the internet? An online presence is crucial to any business, from web sites and social networking accounts to profiles, Google My Business and digital advertisements.

All of these efforts require time, but the rewards are more than valuable. These are some tips to create an online presence outstanding:

1. Keep it simple

The design of a website can be daunting, with many aesthetic decisions that tempt us to focus on its aesthetics rather than how well it works. A design of successful website must focus more on the ease of use (how easy it is for visitors) in the aesthetics; both factors must be carefully considered for optimal success.

While the views can differ a lot about what makes the design of a web site is great, all the designers must comply with certain general principles that everyone should have into account to create designs for mobile devices (since we have already spoken before about the importance of the layouts, responsive) where screen sizes tend to be smaller and shorter attention spans. 

A rule is the key for a website design optimal is to keep things as simple as possible in terms of the elements used on its page, especially considering that the visitors can feel overwhelmed if there are too many elements and the page becomes confusing or overwhelming for visitors.

Maintain an accessible web site requires you to keep it simple. An effective method for this is to include alternative text for images on your site; this allows people with visual impairments to see without the distraction of other visitors and also improves the SEO to inform the search engines what keywords are more relevant to your page.

A web site design clean and tidy help to legitimize and build credibility for any business, according to studies. A recent survey found that 48% of people judge a company based on the design of your web site; as such, it is crucial that you spend enough time and resources to design one that is both professional as it is simple for visitors to navigate.

Ashford & Ashford, a company that locates unclaimed property to the customers, demonstrates a great use of color, white space and the text to create an eye-catching design but simple. Their website emphasizes its key services and, at the same time, it generates credibility through a disclaimer prominent and a logo to look professional.

Another way to simplify a website design is to reduce your navigation options. This could involve the elimination of unneeded pages, the restriction of links on each page or use the subnavigation as direct access between the main navigation and subnavigation, in addition to limiting the amount of information that appears on each page to not overwhelm users.

Website design: avoids the complicated

2. Do not be overly complicated

A website design complex can be difícile to manage and update. With many applications, add-ons and elements that need to be regularly updated, the web site design simple can be simpler for this reason, as there are fewer components that can fail or require regular updating.

Always keep in mind that most of your visitors will access your website via mobile devices. Therefore, when designing for web design, it is crucial to take into account the use of mobile devices and to make sure that the content is easily readable on any device and that the design can be scaled to different sizes: Google Page Speed Insights provides metrics useful on this front.

The integration of images in your website design is an effective way to add visual interest and attract viewers. However, it is crucial that the amount of images on your site match the amount of text on each page; too many can be distracting and take away the users of your message completely. A general rule should be two images per screen, as this will ensure the maximum approach to the spectators.

Another key component of the web site design is to select colors that complement each other, from bright and fun to more muted and relaxing. Avoid using too much shades-too much might overwhelm the visitors of your site; instead, you select several complementary tones with accents occasional in other ringtones for optimal results.

The location of the buttons is another essential component to consider. Your buttons should stand out and be easy to find; large enough to be able to click them but they become a sore in the eyes; but not so big that they become an eyesore in your website.

3. Make it easy to find what you are looking for

Your website design must prioritize the ease of use for visitors. Therefore, to have a navigation structure organized and easy to use is key to helping users to quickly locate what they need without getting lost or frustrated.

The adoption of the images on your website is an effective way to add visual appeal and help the visitors to interact with him more directly. Photos that show their equipment, office space, or products can add an authentic feel, and build trust with the visitors. The incorporation of videos can also show what your products or services can do it in action as it imparts knowledge to the visitors of the site.

If you have difficulties to create a web site easily navigable, there are several web design tools that can help you in the process. These tools can not only help you get started quickly and without problems, but may also measure the effectiveness of the website and improve the user experience; for example, a mapping tool that heat can show where people gravitate more on your site, providing more information on what components work well or need improvement.

Are you looking for principles of web design to stay ahead of the competition and attract the audience? Regardless of the reason behind your design project or the needs of web site creation, these principles of web design can provide inspiration and tips on how to create stunning websites that will demonstrate the unique selling points of your company. With just a little planning, you can create a stunning site that displays their unique strengths.

Besides, if you still don't know where to begin, you should know that you're not alone in this wide, wide world of the web site design, we are here to help you as specialists in web design.

Website design optimal should be easy to share.

4. That is easy to share

No one argues that companies must be active on the line to be recognized by the users. This is required to publish and update regularly the content of the web sites and pages in social networks to show your business. The constant publishing not only is it essential to awaken the interest of the users in your brand; but it is also essential to make sure that it appears in the search results and in other Internet pages.

An effective strategy to expand your online presence is to create and share content that your target audience can easily share on their own social media accounts. As more of them, what you share, the more potential customers can see it and decide to buy.

As an initial step, try to create content that is informative, entertaining, and visually attractive. This can include blog articles on topics related to your products or services, as well as infographics that will attract the viewer. The creation and publishing of videos that offer value to the viewer are another excellent way to attract your target market and increase online visibility, especially through mobile devices.

The paid advertising can help you increase your online presence to reach specific audiences with relevant keywords, which leads to greater participation and a better presence on the Internet. However, paid ads can require a budget allocation substantial and should only be implemented when appropriate.

In addition, it is advisable to claim their list of Google My Business and hire strategies local SEO for your company to appear at the top of search results to its target location. This will make it easier for consumers to discover both when we look specifically as when they navigate by local businesses.

When it comes to building your online presence, there is no such thing as doing things once and leave it up there. Your digital footprint is in constant evolution and development, therefore, you must manage it proactively. While this process may require time and resources, their importance to the success of your website design should not be underestimated.

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