Ad extensions and their impact on the performance of SEM.

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Ad extensions to improve Google ads to occupy more space on the results pages of the search engine (SERP) and to help the search engines to make decisions more easily. It also increases the rates of clicks and help Google determine your ad rank.

Extensions prices allow businesses to provide pricing information for services, events, or specific products within an advertisement. This type of extension can be implemented at the level of the account, campaign or ad group to optimize and to make effective their campaigns SEM.

The structured are extensions of effective ads


The structured are extensions of the ads that they serve to display your products or services in advertisements, increasing click-through rates (CTR) and the ROI. As an ad extension that provides more details about them in an easy to read format, the structured also increase the visibility in the Google Search and on mobile devices.

To create a fragment structured, choose a header and add values associated with it; each value must be less than 25 characters, and to be closely associated with its header respective. Google uses machine learning algorithms to determine which pairs of header value and work better together; coincidence incorrect is one of the main reasons for the rejected fragments structured, so it is essential that you match up properly.

Your ads should include two fragments structured, as maximum, Google may select three values for header as the most relevant to your ad.

The structured can be combined with other extensions in AdWords, text, highlights and links from the site, in order to give your ads more visibility and space, and that gives them more space to stand against the competition. Although you can't click on them, the structured appearing in conjunction with these other extensions in AdWords, which gives your advert an exhibition and stands out more than the competition.

If you sell car parts, for example, consider adding a fragment structured listing of the types and brands that are compatible with these cars to help the potential customers to easily identify which vehicle they need, and increase conversion rates. This will allow potential customers to identify which model best suits their needs, which will result in higher conversion rates sales.


Ad extensions of highlighted text allow advertisers to add additional text under the description of your ad to highlight specific features of products or services, such as free shipping, discounts or customer service 24 hours a day, which helps to differentiate your ads in the search results and increases click-through rates as determined by Google. This can lead to a CTR highest and ratings improved, since Google considers that your ads are more relevant than your competitors for the search intent of certain search engines.

The text highlights can be configured at the account level, campaign, or ad group, and Google can be applied manually or dynamically. Use them to promote products, services or business offerings while increasing the clicks of quality and stretches it even more in your budget. Regardless of how you choose to implement the texts outstanding, it is essential that you adhere to the policies and best practices of Google, for example, to refrain from repeating words in multiple extensions to reduce the confusion among your audience and avoid the duplication in the creation of the content.

The option calls within the tags provide another advantage by allowing you to schedule your audience depending on the day, the month or even the holidays. This allows you to reach users at the precise moment they are looking for information that generate conversions; for example, if customers frequently ask about the return policy before you buy something, you create a call extension to this concern and abordela through calls.

The optimization of the tags required to test multiple variations to understand what messages resonate best with your audience and prioritize the campaigns or ad groups that could benefit the most from improvements shocking. In addition, the monitoring of the performance for several weeks or months before you take the decision to pause, disable or remove tags that do not meet performance goals, it is also useful for taking informed decisions on pause, disable or delete strategies if you are not successful.

Google Ads Signal provides an effective means to measure the effectiveness of the extensions highlighted text: this tool offers a visual description of the opportunities or risks that are on your account, campaigns and ad groups; in addition to information about their performance, including the rate of clicks, the keywords used and the total time active. With these data in hand, you can optimize the extensions to generate the maximum return on the dollars spent on advertising.

You can add links to your ad extensions

Add the link of your website to your ad extensions

Sitelinks are additional links which appear beneath the text of your announcement in the main quest, allowing you to direct users directly to the pages of your website that you may find beneficial. They are an effective way to increase click-through rates, encourage conversions, and decrease the friction to shorten the travel of the user to the desired page.

Ad extensions of links to sites can be an invaluable asset to increase the overall performance of the ads, but they should be used with care. The key element here is to make sure that your links site is aligned with the intent of the browser; for example, if someone searches for "mens shoes", make sure that all ad extensions dealing with this type of product to maximize the rate of clicks, and the level of quality.

There are extensions of links to sites with basic and enhanced. With the links of the site improved, and it has links of up to 25 characters and two lines of description text for each link that is listed, in addition to appearing in the form of a carousel with up to six links by carousel at any time. The links site enhanced tend to outperform the basics, so you invest more, you can give its fruits.

Start to create links site today; to do so, go to the ad Extensions tab of your account and open it. Select campaign or ad group you'd like to add and select its type. When you select the preference in mobile, make sure that the check box is checked so that Google does not shortened when displayed on mobile devices.

Once you set the links site, it is time to analyze your performance. Semrush and other SEO tools make this task easier by analyzing the keywords in your campaign and determine your intended search; this gives a much clearer idea of how they perform ad extensions and what language the complements better.

As with any thing on your website, the links of the site and any of its extensions advertisements require constant scrutiny and adjustments as needed.

Application extensions

Ad extensions location presents an effective solution for businesses with physical locations that want to increase purchases in person. Add your business address, phone number, and the map directly in your ads to display on desktop computers and mobile devices; switches offers allow you to prioritize the users in your locality on the business of the competition in that same location; All advertisers on Google Ads can access them, which allows the creation on all levels, such as ad group, campaign and account level.

The ad calls allow you to add a line of additional text directly underneath your title to draw attention to specific detail about your product or service, offering a value proposition that is more complete, without using the limit of 90 characters of the description. For example, if you sell facial masks of essential oils at Sephora stores, the notices could help to inform customers where they can find these face masks online or in stores nearby.

Ad extensions reviews are an effective way to increase the credibility of your company to submit reviews and ratings verified customers. Can be added to ads for mobile and desktop, and are only displayed to those that are likely to be found relevant. To qualify for these extensions, their level of quality of Google search must be sufficiently high and have an account in good standing with Google.

The structured (or ads-structured, for short) are ad formats default Google that helps your ad stand out in the best way, which increases the chances of right-click and improves your level of quality. To qualify, your product or service must have an accurate description along with a reasonable price in order to qualify as eligible.

Ad extensions prices allow you to display the prices next to the link of your ad on desktop and mobile devices in the form of a carousel, in order to achieve the maximum impact. Choose between listing a single fixed price for your product or service, or to display multiple price packages; alternatively, configure extensions of promotion to promote limited-time offers or discounts you are offering.

Ad extensions application allow you to promote your mobile app, along with ads for mobile and desktop, which facilitates the access of the customer. You can choose to include the URL of your app store or link directly to their download page on Google Play or Apple App Store; The extensions installation of applications also work very well, but they only apply if your application has already been included in one or both of the app stores.

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