How to choose a domain name?. Choose the perfect name for your online identity.

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Domain names are an essential element in creating a business or successful website. While it is possible to establish an online presence through free sites such as social networking and blogging platforms, you have your own domain name gives you greater control and helps to establish your brand.

Domain names give users an easy and memorable to find and remember your website, which makes the selection of an excellent domain name is essential.


Domain names play an essential role in online brand, which becomes the cornerstone of the marketing strategies. A great domain name can strengthen the recognition of the brand, attract more traffic to your website and even improve the ranking in the search engines.

To choose domain names effective, it is important to consider both your business objectives as the desired message to your target market. When you choose a name that better reflects this industry niche, try to include relevant keywords in your domain so that users can find your site more quickly.

Keep your domain name at every stage of the brand, from creating a logo to the accounts of social networks and the printing of business cards. This will create continuity and promote a brand image for commercial identifiable information.

Add to registry services to private and SSL certification to take your online presence to the next level, protecting you against scammers and spammers to keep the personal data outside of the public database of WHOIS as ICANN WHOIS. Even if you did not purchase privacy protection while purchasing your domain name, do so immediately: your cost is minimal in comparison with its benefits!

domain names shorts are the best

Shorter is better

Domain names are one of the cornerstones of the Internet and provide access to web sites, online stores and blogs that you love. Although initially confusing, with a little study and explanation become easier to understand.

Your domain name is the unique address of your website on the World Wide Web. When customers type in your domain in their browser, it connects to the server that hosts your site depending on your Internet Protocol address (IP), but IP addresses are not exactly easy to use, so that a domain name can be so useful.

The domain name short and easy recordables increases the possibility of exchange between clients on your website with friends and family. In addition, the domains most shorts can be easier to write for users of mobile devices. Domains longer can be more difficult to read and spell correctly for visitors and can generate errors that distract them from your entire site. 

In addition, the duplicate letters in your domain could generate warning signals between the users, as this opens to typographical errors caused by autocorrect.

Originality is the key when choosing domain names

Set an original domain name is vital to brand recognition, SEO, and web visibility. When you select its name, it is also essential that has not been registered as a trade mark, as this could avoid legal disputes in the future.

Find the ideal name can seem like an impossible feat, but there are tools to make the task easier. One of these popular services is Nameboy, which allows users to enter two keywords, and generates a list of attractive names and compatible with SEO that meet these criteria. There are even generators specific to blogs, trademarks and trade names that provide excellent starting points to create custom URLS for new projects.

Other tools that may be useful include Lean Domain Search, which specializes in finding names available that are both creative and memorable; it even features a function naming contest driven by the community to solicit ideas! 

In the same way, Looka allows users to search for business names by keyword or abstract concept while automatically verifies the availability of the domain, and the identifiers social.

Long-term vision

Domain names can be more than a simple web site addresses; they are a tool of brand invaluable. Choose one with characters that are memorable, catchy or easy to remember, will attract more visitors to your website and improve your position in search results of search engines. However, when you select a domain name, you must consider some important things:

When using existing trademarks or brand names that may generate confusion in the client, it is advisable to do a quick check in the database of the Patent and Trademark Office of the u.s.; also, make sure that the platforms of social networks to support his new name to expand the reach and visibility of your brand.

Find an appropriate domain name can seem like a challenge, but their importance to the success of the line must never be overlooked. Take your time to weigh your options and select one that will serve your business for years. To obtain the maximum efficiency and peace of mind, register with a registrar that offer live tech support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that is easily accessible in case of a problem arises with regard to the registration or maintenance of the domain name that you select.

Professional that verifies domain names

Checker trademarks

A verifier of trademarks efficient, it is essential to ensure that the name you select is not in conflict with an existing mark, which could cause confusion in the client between your brand and an existing one. A good proofreader marks is crucial to avoid potential conflicts between trademarks that might cause confusion to the customer.

Wordoid provides tools that facilitate the creation and selection of trade names, such as the development of terms invented but catchy that also mean something. NameSnack also generates more than 100 short names brand that include the availability of your domain, as well as their significance or cultural relevance.

Once you have identified the names of potential domain, it is a good decision to perform a preliminary research on each one. Resources such as the database of the Patent and Trademark Office of the united States can give an indication of if the name you have chosen already has been a registered trademark or if it would be too similar to another brand that is already being used. 

You should also consult a directory of accredited registrars to register your domain name securely so that clients can access it and be safe from malicious attacks.

Price of the domain

Domain names are one of the cornerstones of building your brand and website, therefore it is vital that you do everything possible to select one suitable for your business. If possible, you should choose domain names, creative and memorable that reflect your niche, as the generic names may alienate potential customers.

Once you've decided on a domain name ideal, the next step should be to confirm availability. A tool of availability of domain names on the internet will do this easily for you, showing you if it is available, its possible variants and common variants that may exist.

To get your ideal domain, try to buy it from its owner; but be prepared to investigate and negotiate the price. Also consider other options in the domain, such as domain top level country code (ccLD); for example, if your company targets customers in europe, you could register domains, .fr, .eu, etc., With these tips in mind: it could find the perfect name!

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