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A visual constructor constitutes an alternative that makes it easier for designersdevelopers and amateurs who want to build a virtual site quickly. At Geekobit we know the functions and benefits of this tool and that's why we have it in our creative arsenal. Here is a list of the most important best 5 WordPress visual builders that we can use for your website development.

What is the function of the visual constructors?

5 wordpress visual builders
5 wordpress visual builders

A few years ago, creating a website to offer your products and services could be a tortuous or even impossible task. Creating them involved a process that could only be carried out by web design and development professionals who knew HTML and CSS. In addition, it meant long periods of time to carry out a virtual site.

Nowadays, this has changed to a great extent due to the appearance of visual builders or "page builders". These are components that are added to the themes to make them more dynamic and modify them without the need to work with codes. Thus, it is possible to create or edit a page by simply dragging elements to predesigned boxes, making the work easier and faster.

A visual builder will allow you to add to your website elements such as slides, forms, text blocks, images, buttons and so on. Also, you can immediately see the results of what you are doing, because the changes are added as soon as you make them. Using this tool together with web optimizers, such as the ones offered by WP Rocketyou will get an efficient virtual site.    

Can they benefit your website?

Visual builders are viable tools when it comes to developing a page without spending too much time and effort. In this sense, using a builder to create and edit your website guarantees fast results without losing quality.

In addition to that, it has fundamental tools to organize your website. Remember that it is based on basic structures that define both its image and its functions. A visual builder contemplates what is necessary to achieve an attractive page that offers an optimal browsing experience. That is to say, positively affects the appearance and performance of your site

If you manage to get the one that best suits your needs and implement it properly, you guarantee many benefits. A good web development achieved with a visual builder will imply a high traffic on your page. This will increase the possibilities of selling and offering your products and services. 

Top 5 visual builders for WordPress

As we told you, at Geekobit we care about the benefits that a visual builder can bring to your website. That's why we put together a list of the 5 ideal visual builders for WordPress that we can use to develop your website.

5 wordpress visual builders
5 wordpress visual builders


One of the most popular WordPress compatible plugins is Elementor. It is available for free, but also has a paid version with more features. With it you have many elements susceptible to modifications you want to make, so you can, for example, resize or add columns.

Also, it includes more than 100 predesigned templates and many elements to incorporate and adapt to whatever you like. We rank it among the best visual builders because in addition to all its features, it has a user-friendly interface. Of course, the results are reinforced if you use it with a good hosting service like the one from FastComet.

Elementor is an option comfortable for beginners and an efficient and versatile alternative for professional designers and developers. You can check their website with the following link.

Visual composer

This builder provides you with more than 50 feature-rich templates for your website. It includes graphics, sliders and forms as part of the content that can be developed. It is fully compatible with any WordPress theme.

It gives you SEO tools to place your site among the first places in the search engine, which you can boost with RankMath. The designs that can be made on it are responsive, which means that they adapt to any device. Check out their website by clicking here.

Divi Builder

The tools offered by Divi Builder allow you to create a site with style and features adaptable to your tastes. You can elaborate each one of the sections, menus, columns and other spaces of your virtual site. It is also possible to manage from it the advertising and ads that will appear on your page.

This builder keeps up to date with updatesso it always offers new material. Get more information about its benefits by visiting its website.

Beaver Builder

With this Page builder you have at your fingertips dozens of modules, forms, tables, text editors and more. It has a free version and a paid version, both with many great features for your website. It gives you a extensive control over the design you are developing and ease of doing so.

You also have the option to save and reuse templates with Beaver Builder in other sections of your site. You can also transfer designs you have customized to other sites. You can see their site at this link.

WP Page Builder

It has an excellent reputation for excellent web building services. It includes a comprehensive and easy to use toolbar. Its predesigned blocks and diagrams adapt to the needs and features you want for your site. In addition, they lighten the process of building a website because they encompass the sections that should be on it.

The packages offered by this visual builder are categorized according to the type of company and organization you have. Thus, you have ready the divisions and elements that your website should have according to its focus. In this way, it advances the work of designing the structure of your page. You will find its tools at this link.

Any of the alternatives you want in your web as a visual builder. we can implement and manage it on Geekobit. Of course, the ideal is to complement it by choosing a good theme for your page, for it, this article will be useful to you. 

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