5 tips to improve your email marketing campaign

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The goal of any website is to get your customers to engage with your content and complete the buying process, but what happens after that? How do you keep in touch with users who are already interested in your products? At Geekobit here are 5 tips to develop your email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a direct marketing strategy to promote your products and services to the subscribers of your mailing list.. According to Mailchimpis ideal for selling, but also to show the value of your brand or to maintain engagement between purchases.

Develop an email marketing strategy is a complex process involving planning, testing and segmentation. However, history itself indicates that email marketing can generate huge profits. In 1978, the first email marketing campaign generated $13 million in sales. In addition, most people worldwide use email by choice or necessity. Email marketing is indispensable if you want to grow your business.

5 tips to improve your email marketing campaign

Companies such as PayPal, McDonald's or Domino's Pizza use this technique to inform their customers about products or promotions. This does not mean that create an email strategy by email is only for large companies. Startups or small businesses can make use of free tools to generate successful campaigns. Read this article to learn more about the first steps to develop your email marketing campaign.

Plan the overall development of your campaign

To begin with, the most important thing is to get informed and plan. Know your audience so you can choose the right tone to speak to them. Once you know who your audience is, segment it according to interests, location or demographics.

Your lists should be kept purged of inactive or invalid addresses. Although it is often hard and time-consuming work, it is best to grow your referral list organically.. This way you will have access to people really interested in your content and products. Websites like Mailchimp recommend that you avoid buying lists so that your emails are not marked as spam.

Once you have your list established, create a planning calendar before you start writing. Finding special dates and anticipating them will help you keep content in advance for different times of the year.

Design your content attractively

5 tips to improve your email marketing campaign

Designing an email marketing campaign is a broad topic that requires a solid foundation. Before its creation, the brand identity must be clear in order to create a distinctive voice that gives the campaign its appeal.

Once your brand has a defined personality, we advise you to use rich text in conjunction with the brand colors and fonts.. Don't skimp on graphic elements such as bullets points, graphics or text stylization to guide your subscribers' reading. Once you get a design that fits your brand you can create a template to use it more easily. This will save you creative work for future deliveries.

If you want an example of what we are talking about, take Barnes & Noble Newsletters as an example. The stylization and uniformity of the use of their brand identity makes their mailings readable and attractive.

It is also important to be concise and direct. The use of a subject line that fits in the preview with your brand or company name is critical.. By creating a subject line that is not misleading or overloaded, you will increase the attractiveness of your mailings.

A responsive design is essential, both on the web and in our campaigns. Don't forget to create templates with adaptive designs that display correctly on different devices. According to Monito CampaigningrIf the format is adaptive, an adaptive format can avoid losing conversion possibilities due to display problems.

Uses automation tools

Using automation tools is essential to manage your email marketing campaign. The best tools allow you greater customization according to the site where the subscription began. For example, a different email will be sent to those who subscribed from your welcome email and those who subscribed after purchasing. You have options like Mailchimp o Mailpoet. Both have different plans according to your budget or expectations. In addition, we have a mass mailing service called SendPulse which allows you to send up to 15,000 free e-mails. 

Its use offers you advantages such as the use of a sample premium subscription or personalized technical support. In addition, you will help your team to focus on creative or strategic tasks and leave the automatic tasks to the apps..

Personalize your emails

Personalization is an element that helps your campaign mailings stand out from the crowd.. Focusing on your subscribers by using their name and a friendly tone increases the chances that they will open your emails.

You can also use calls to action or CTAs to address your subscribers directly. CTAs will help you give your subscribers a concrete idea of how they can benefit from your emails.

An example of this is LinkedIn's email marketing campaigns. They offer content about paid products, but also take into account actions taken such as achievements or badges earned. In them you will find different CTAs to links to get courses, share through networks or download their app.

Link your channels

For best results with email marketing, the ideal is to link all your channels to the campaign.. A good way to do this is to leave links to share the content of your newsletters on social networks. You can also leave a subscription banner to your newsletter on social networks.

Content companies like Buzzfeed use this type of strategy to increase traffic to their sites. By offering previews of their content through the post, users often go to their site to check out what's new.

In summary, to have a successful email marketing campaign you must plan and design it in advance, these 5 tips to develop your email marketing campaign are only a small part of it. There are many tools and options at your disposal that you can use to personalize your emails and save work for your marketing team.

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