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Currently, educational institutions have in digital platforms another tool to offer and provide their services. Web design for schools and universities provides a myriad of benefits for their future development. Your institution will be able to keep informed those who make up your community, serve as pedagogical support and invite potential members.

Websites in educational institutions function as a space for meeting and contact between current and potential members. Imagine them as a virtual extension of what your school or university stands for and offers.. You must condense the relevant information to solve your users' doubts, therefore, it is necessary to develop good content with an optimal design.

Web design for schools and universities should seek to fulfill the objectives that your educational institution requires. Whether it is to function as a space for academic reinforcement or evaluation, an enrollment manager, an information or contact medium. Either way, to a great extent, will depend on a good design for the success of your institution's website..

What a Web Design for Schools and Universities Should Have

There are some factors to consider in the web design for schools and universities. Having them clear, we will be able to determine the focus of your institution's website that the design will cover. We refer to the type of user that you want to frequent the website and the content that will be displayed.

Takes the community into account

Remember who attends a school or university: students, teachers, parents, technical staff, administrative staff and workers. They all live in your physical facilities and with a website you will open a virtual space that they can frequent. The ideal will be to build a design that will attract and maintain the community that exists around your educational institution..

Visualize your objectives

Keep in mind the institution's mottoes and objectives. Also your organization, management, educational programs, material and human resources, schedules, requirements and other coordinates. All these data constitute useful and significant information in the content of your website, because they make up the profile of your school or university.

Choose your strategies

In addition, it must respond to digital marketing strategies that allow you to make your institution known. If you develop a website that exposes the benefits of belonging to your school or university, more people will know about it. In other words, a website allows you to advertise online the services offered by your educational center. This page can be of great help.

The web design should capture the attention of the type of user we have already mentioned. Also, all relevant information should be presented in a way that is eye-catching, clear and accessible..

Tools that a Web Design for Schools and Universities Should Offer

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Web design for schools and universities can offer many tools depending on the content you want to integrate into them. Considering the type of user that will frequent it (academic staff, administrative staff, students and potential members), you will be able to determine what content to develop. Here are some of the key aspects that we can address with the design of your ideal site.


The image of your school or university is one of the elements that can be addressed through web design. We will create photo and video galleries showing your facilities.and students. This way you will project the best face of your educational center, making it attractive to those who may be interested in studying there.

Online learning tools

If your goal is to make the web an academic support, you should focus on students and teachers. The content then corresponds to online learning tools. From the web design is to consider, then, the creation of spaces to arrange and organize reading materials. It is also a good idea to include discussion forums or chats, video libraries, bulletin boards, etc..

Organization of tools

A website for educational centers that seeks to reinforce the knowledge of their students must be easy to use. Ideally, both teachers and students should be able to take advantage of the material without any problem. Its design should be organized in such a way that the learning tools are attractive and accessible.

Online evaluations

You may also want to integrate into your school or university's website mechanisms to evaluate your students. For this, we can include online tests, spaces to upload assignments and post their respective grades.

At this point, it is useful to optimization of your website. This way you will be able to reach a wider audience. To achieve this, we can access the best hosts and SEO tools.

Financial management of the institution

If your goal is to manage administrative activities, such as registration or tuition payments, this is also possible from the web. You will have at your disposal specialized platforms to organize, protect and access the necessary information when needed. In this aspect we can add an excellent antivirus that can give you the peace of mind you need.

Remember that the more information you include, the more people will know about your school or university and the more attractive it will be. As we have said, it is important to include timetables, study programs, address and contacts.

Calendars and schedules

Also it is essential to include tools such as calendars or schedules of activities and events.. In this way, all members will be kept aware of class periods, grades, days off and so on. We explain below what an efficient calendar for the various activities would consist of and what we could also include on your website.

What a Calendar of Activities for Schools and Universities Should Look Like

A calendar of activities is very important in the coordination of an educational institution. It summarizes and organizes the events that take place during the school term.. Therefore, school and university websites should include it in their design.

Specify activities and dates

It is to consider the different activities that occur in an educational center: enrollment, school periods, days off, grades. It also specifies the dates corresponding to each of these events. Once this is done, we have the necessary information to elaborate a calendar of activities for your school or university.

Electronic platforms

Some platforms have templates available on which you can create your school calendar. In Canva, Venngage, WinCalendar, PicallyCalendar or Freepik you can choose some calendar templates and customize them with different colors and designs. They offer you formats to organize them in monthly, weekly and yearly periods. And if you wish, in Geekobit we can take care of all these tasks.

On any of these platforms you will be able to find and create a calendar suited to your interests. By including it on your school or university website, you will make a distinctive point.   

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