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Today, online presence has gone from being a marketing strategy to a necessity. More and more small businesses and freelancers are offering their products and services through the Internet. It is natural for users to consult their problems in a search engine and find a professional to solve them. This is what happens with web design for dentists.

Having a website represents a competitive advantage over those who offer the same services or products as you. Not only does it give you a professional and updated image, but it is also effective to get new clients and buyers. In addition, through a website you have the opportunity to generate a community that supports your business.

Many people consult their symptoms with a search engine before going to a healthcare professional. This is especially true for conditions that affect the mouth and teeth, both in adults and children. Wouldn't it be beneficial to convert all these people into patients of your dental office or clinic?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing a website for your dental office.

How should a web design for dentists look like?

As a dental professional you will need a website that is able to offer the confidence and trust that your future clients need. This should go hand in hand with local SEO strategies that allow you to stand out from other competitors. As a result, you can have greater reach and the number of clients increases.

In any case, the essential thing in web design for dentists is to keep the target audience in mind. What are potential dental patients looking for on the web? What tools or sections make it easier for you to reach them? It is also important that your website has features that make it stand out from the competition.

Ideally, you should organize a home page that briefly introduces your practice or clinic. The home page can have sections related to specific topics that you can address on other pages. This type of design facilitates the organization of information and is more visually appealing to the viewer. 

You need to have options that make it easy for users to approach the different solutions you can offer. For this, it is ideal to add contact buttons, a walkthrough for each service, a gadget to schedule appointments, online payment methods and even add a store to sell specialized products.

All this and more is possible at Geekobit. Here we focus on optimizing everything you need to have a successful dental website. Below we will show you some of the essential points with which we can make you go further.

About Us

It is important that the web user feels confident when visiting your website for dentists. To do this, it is necessary for the future patient to know the professionals in whose hands he or she will place his or her dental health. A brief historical review of the dental office or clinic can help to improve and project the corporate identity.

If it is a dental practice, it is a good idea to use this section to introduce each doctor. It is possible to use images of the dentists accompanied with information about their areas of specialty and years of experience. If it is an individual website, you can go deeper into the credentials and work references of the dentist in question.

Nowadays, it is essential to use social networks to connect with people interested in our products and services. In addition, we can share contact numbers and business hours so that potential patients come to consult us.

Services and Treatments

Approximately 2 out of 5 people use web search engines to research their symptoms and possible treatments. Listing the dental services you are willing to offer can be a great way to attract those people. Plus, you offer them an alternative to self-medication, which is so harmful in most cases.

Adding a section with each treatment and a short description can also help in patient education. Especially if, apart from diagnosis and prevention, you have specialized treatments, such as esthetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics or implants, 

Appointment/Consultation System

An in-person appointment booking tool can increase the number of patients seen each day. Add to that the ability to make online consultations, and you could increase your revenue considerably. In addition, both tools make it easier to convert the internet user into a dental patient.

Virtual Store

If you not only serve patients but also offer dental products, we will consider adding an online store to your website. This way, you will not only reach your regular patients, but also all those interested people who search for your products online.

Dental Blog

Blogs are essential, because when properly managed they help increase user traffic to the site. Search engines prioritize sites associated with a corporate blog, especially those that are educational. This is what improves local SEO. 

Creating a dental blog makes it possible to generate a community that supports your dental business. You can publish regular posts related to dental health and the treatments that can improve it. When it is optimizedIf you have a website, interested users will be able to easily access, educate themselves with your content, comment on it and share it with more people.

3 Benefits of the Dental Blog 

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As you already know, creating your own dental website has many advantages for your business. Here are the three main ones.

Increase visits to your site

Increasing user traffic to your website is synonymous with reaching more potential customers/patients. Search engines tend to prefer websites associated with blogs that publish quality educational content. Therefore, it is important to periodically publish articles with information and, if possible, audiovisual resources. Some tools such as the WPRocket o RankMath can help you with this issue.

Make your business known

Most internet users prefer sites that offer valuable information that helps them gain knowledge. By posting entries that explain in a simple way the basic principles of the treatments you offer, you will attract their attention. Similarly, you can dedicate some blog posts to discussing the most common dental ailments. 

In addition, you can include posts to promote events, commemorations or special occasions related to your business.

Promotes Interaction

Blogs offer readers the possibility to comment and share the content they want. Comments are a good way to know what your blog readers are concerned about and interested in. While sharing the content on social networks passively contribute to promote your business.

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