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NGOs have objectives, goals and social ideals that can be promoted from a website. With the support of a digital platform it is possible to promote and disseminate the work of your NGO. You will be able to present the necessary information to to publicize the activities of your organization and incentivize grants and volunteer work.

Web design for NGOs and donation sites adds a space that stimulates different forms of participation in your projects. It will also serve as a testimony of your social services, purposes and achievements. In other words, a website can be a tool that adds to the fulfillment of your objectives as an organization.

Notice that we have referred to the benefit of having a web page in your NGO as a possibility. Why don't we immediately ensure its success in promoting your organization? What happens is that you have to consider a crucial element for that to happen: web design..

Without a proper design, you will hardly get a website to be a real support for your NGO. For this reason, here are some important elements in web design for NGOs or donation sites.

How to do a Web Design for NGOs and Donation Sites

Web Design for NGOs and Donation Sites

In the process of designing a web page for your NGO or donation site it is necessary to have clear approaches. That way, we can integrate elements to your page or highlight others. To determine this, we will have to consider the following key aspects:

What are the objectives as an organization?

Remember the purposes, goals or objectives you have as an organization. If you keep this in mind, it is easier to specify what you want your website to project. Ideally, the design should create and organize content that responds to the vision of your NGO. This way, those who enter your page will immediately know where your work is headed.

Consider Potential Users

It is important that you think about what you want users to get when they enter your NGO's website. A good web design considers all potential users and develop content focused on them.

In addition to everything related to what they pursue as an organization, it is necessary to add information for those who wish to collaborate. It is also necessary to provide material focused on potential volunteers and, of course, on the population to which the aid is directed.

Planning and Organizing Projects

It is essential that the web pages of NGOs or donation sites showcase your projects. You must do it in such a way that others will want to join in the task of fulfilling their proposals. To do this, we can make sections to provide all the information on the subject and makes clear the contribution alternatives.

The convincing and reliable strategies. In this sense, it is also essential to present the results generated by the projects. In this way, your organization will be efficient and consistent with its purposes and more people will be encouraged to participate.          

Tools that a Web Design for NGOs and Donation Sites Should Have

Web Design for NGOs and Donation Sites 3

at Geekobit we study the necessary tools to make your NGO's website effective. Any of your objectives as an organization can be reinforced or promoted through specific elements on the web. Considering the aspects we have already mentioned, these are some of the appropriate tools for your digital space:

Creation of your NGO's image

The image of your organization is an essential element in the projection of your proposals. At Geekobit we can create your NGO logo and organize photo galleries that identify it. The ideal is to build an image that is recognizable and consistent with its work.   

Tool Organization

Your site can be full of good intentions, but it will be useless if it does not clearly explain your work. Each of the tools included in your NGO's website should be organized according to your services. They should not only be attractive, but also accessible, so that any user can use them.

To achieve this, we will organize a clear and striking structure that uses a template flexible and convenient. We can take care of recommending one where your customers can easily access.

Audiovisual Material

It is necessary to audiovisual record of the work your NGO or donation site organizes. We can make photo galleries or videos showing your activities in progress and the results obtained.

Projects and Campaigns

We have already talked to you about the importance of exposing the projects and campaigns that you have as an organization. With the creation of flyers, presentations, educational shorts and moreweb design can promote your initiatives. Such promotion should be maintained at each stage of the project to encourage support for its realization.

Donation and Contribution Mechanisms

We cannot overlook the mechanisms that allow contributions to be made. From the web design we can include specialized platforms for recurring or one-time donations. We can also integrate crowdfunding systems to finance projects.

In this case, it is essential to have a good antivirus to protect funds. That's why we make sure we have the best warning systems.

Volunteer Forms

By knowing the activities and vision of your organization through the website, you can be sure that you will be able to many people will want to join. In this sense, it is important to have forms to be filled out by future volunteers. In this way, you will obtain the required data to know and contact whoever is interested in helping.

Grant Management Contacts

It is important to focus a space on your website for those who need the help that your organization can provide to contact. To do this we will include chats or a mailbox on your page, in addition to the coordinates to their social networks.


Knowing the stories of the people or communities that your NGO helps encourages the support of others. Blogs are useful tools for this to collect and submit written testimonials. Of course, photographs and videos are also significant forms that can be implemented in web design. 

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