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In the maintenance and development of your website factors are involved that make it faster. The Expire Header is one of these elements. At Geekobit we explain how we can optimize your website through these codes. We also tell you about the benefits this will bring to your site.

What are Expires Headers?

When you access a page, some of its files remain the same even if you change sections. For example, the name of your website or its logo are elements that remain static.

Remember that each file used in your page occupies a place in the host. Even if the host is an excellent server, like FastCometBy cramming it with data, you slow down your website. So there are methods that prevent them from loading from the server constantly, preventing unnecessary delays.

Expires Headers are lines of HTTP code that indicate the expiration of some files on your website. The goal is that the user's browser loads them from the cache. So, save time by stopping connecting to the server to load them.

How does the Expire Header work?

The Expire Header signals the time it will take for files to become available in the cache. It does this by specifying it with code snippets that refer to dates or periods. When that time elapses, the browser must reload the elements from the server.

This can apply to different file types, such as jpg, png, gif, swf, js, css and others. The tags vary according to the format and the nomenclature used to mark the time. To give you an idea, an expire header line can be:

Expires: Wed, 03 Jul 2022 21: 30: 00 GMT.

In this case, it is indicated that some files, previously marked, will expire at that date and time. Therefore, they will no longer be available in the local cache. From that moment on, they will be loaded by the server. Therefore, after this time, the headers will have to be updated.

Optimization of expiration headers

The expire header can be optimized and thus improve the performance of your website. In fact, when not used correctly, expire headers can cause problems for the site. So the best thing to do is to make sure you are using them properly. At Geekobit we can help you in the following way to optimize these headers on your site:

Evaluate your website needs

The expires headers are the type of tools that require adaptations on a case-by-case basis. The same optimization procedures are not applicable to all sites. An evaluation of your site is required in order to be able to determine the best tactics to employ.

Therefore, we analyze the problems that your page may present due to failures in these headers. Then, we apply specific actions to solve them.

Synchronization of temporary data

One factor that generates errors with expiration headers is the mismatch of temporal data. Then, the loading of the files does not occur when it should. To avoid this we make sure that the server and cache clocks are synchronized.

Update control of expiration headers

If the time indicated in the expiration headers passes and they are not updated, they stop working. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to control and maintain your website. In Geekobit we make sure to refresh the Expires Headers to maintain their functionality.

Proper use of codes

For a code to run correctly, its syntax, among other things, must be respected. Expiration headers are not exempt from this rigor. Making sure that the code is being written as required must be a priority. For this it is necessary to to know their logic and fragments and apply them as the case may be.

Use of plugins

There are plugins that can help expires headers to work properly. WPRocketThe system, for example, configures them correctly, allowing files to be loaded from the cache. Leveraging these tools is an effective strategy to ensure headers are optimized.

How can Expires Headers optimization help your website?

Expire header
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Optimizing the Expires Headers of your page will improve its performance. If your page advances correctly, those who access it will have a good browsing experience. Here are some other benefits of optimizing the Expires Headers on your website.

Speed of loading

Optimizing the expires headers especially helps your page load quickly. Always loading every single file from the server would make it excessively slow. On the other hand, if the browser loads the content from the local cache, it will take very little time to open.

Another way to increase the speed of your site is to have a good server. This way, you guarantee that what loads from the hosting does not slow down your website. Hostgator is an excellent option.

Improved user stay

Any user would rather browse a fast page than a slow one. If your page responds fast, it is more likely to that the visitor stays in it. This is a huge advantage that optimizing expiration headers can bring you.

SEO Positioning

The speed of your page influences its ranking in search engines. Appearing among the first navigation options will bring more visitors to your site. Therefore, optimizing expires headers can also be considered an SEO tactic.

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