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You must protect your website with custom web development! Hackers can access and take control of your website if you lack proper security measures, but custom web development is a powerful tool to combat cyber threats.

Secure websites are essential to protecting both your customers and their data from cyberattacks, which can lead to loss of customer trust, downtime, and costly remediation costs.

1. Protect your database and administration directories using custom web development.

Custom web applications allow businesses to create an effective digital presence that is both responsive and secure. Although no website can guarantee complete protection against cyber attacks, custom applications tend to resist these threats better than generic templates.

Keep in mind that web development involves more than simply designing the visual layout of your site; It also includes the back-end work necessary to properly upload, process e-commerce transactions, download digital documents, and perform other critical functions.

Back-end developers specialize in this “behind the scenes” work. Using various tools, they create and maintain code so that your website functions correctly in all environments and devices, as well as protecting against cyber attacks that could compromise your future expansion. Find a equipo experimentado que pueda ofrecer soluciones back-end escalables y adecuadas para crecer con su negocio es clave para el éxito futuro.

One of the most effective security measures to implement is to adhere to the principle of least privilege, providing access to your website to only those users who need to work on it and nothing else. By restricting access, you limit the damage an attacker could cause if your account is compromised and also limit the extent to which ransomware infection can spread across a network. 

For this task, consider employing a tool that can audit the membership of your security groups and identify accounts with excessive permissions. It is advisable to avoid adding everyday users as domain administrators (DAs) when not necessary and remove them when their needs have changed. You should also periodically remove inactive or disabled accounts while keeping systems patched and configured.

Rename your directories using web development

Rename your directories using web development

Custom web development allows you to have a website tailored perfectly to your brand's voice and goals, unlike templated sites that may look pretty at first glance but lack the flexibility to grow and adapt to your business over time. time. When a team of specialized programmers develops a site for you, you can rest assured that it will be secure and updated as your needs change over time.

To change the name of a directory, you must first access its location using the cd command and once inside use ls to list the files and directories it contains. When you locate a directory or file that you want to rename, simply add a space before entering its new name; that will be enough.

The second option is to use the mv command to move files and directories from one place to another, effectively performing the same function as renaming, but requiring more technical expertise and manual work.

3. Change the permissions granted

Cyberattacks are on the rise and hackers now possess tools that allow them to exploit website vulnerabilities. By taking time and care to make your website secure, you can protect it against attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS), inyecciones SQL, descargas no autorizadas y más.

XSS attacks involve sending malicious scripts directly to the browser that can leak data or redirect users to a fake site. To protect against these attacks you should use web development, data should be sanitized on both the server and client side by encoding all text, validating all data entries, negating special characters or symbols that could potentially inject malware into the system , etc.

Your website can also be protected by restricting user permissions to a specific group. While creating new users when necessary is essential for it to run smoothly, don't give them too much access: Too much access could lead to unwanted changes or even complete removal of the site by hackers!

As part of web development, it is best to grant access only for as long as necessary and remove those users afterwards, also make sure their privileges are limited so that users cannot delete, edit or create files on your site, as this will prevent accidental changes by developers and will prevent cybercriminals from removing it completely.

These measures mentioned above can be achieved by restricting permissions on folders that contain sensitive information; Also limit who can access databases and administration directories, as these spaces are often the source of hacking attempts and should therefore be given priority when trying to protect your site from hackers.

Keep your file structure organized with web development

Keep your file structure organized with web development

File structure is an essential element of website security. When files are scattered throughout your server, hackers can more easily find and exploit them. Keeping your files organized with care, dedication, and planning will help protect them from threats to their integrity.

One method of organizing files is to use a hierarchical folder structure with multiple levels and folder types containing files of various types. This makes it easy to quickly locate what you need when you need it, however, as your website grows it can become unwieldy.

Find where to put reusable navigation files or JavaScript o CSS específicos para dispositivos móviles puede resultar cada vez más complicado. Una opción alternativa sería utilizar una estructura de directorios plana donde todos los archivos se mantienen juntos en un directorio, aunque esta solución no permite separarlos por tipo o página.

Misconfiguration can pose serious security threats. By customizing your website architecture using custom web development, you can ensure that critical security controls are always implemented and find vulnerability issues to prevent cyber attacks.

5. Update your website regularly using custom web development

Cyber ​​threats are constantly evolving: software companies are increasing security features, while hackers are increasing their ability to penetrate websites and steal sensitive data. To keep your website protected, be sure to update it regularly.

One of the best ways to update your site is by publishing new content regularly; This will keep your visitors coming back and at the same time, improve the SEO rankings to be number 1 in search engines. Fresh, relevant, and engaging content tends to rank higher on search engines than its counterparts.

Updating your website regularly is also beneficial in improving page loading speed. When your site takes too long to load, the user experience suffers and this can even increase bounce rates. New web development technologies are often aimed at speeding things up, so staying on top of trends in web technology through regular website updates is essential to staying competitive in business.

Educating your employees early on cybersecurity is vital to reducing the chances of your site being hacked. Employees should learn to set passwords that include special characters and symbols, as well as different passwords for each site they manage, to prevent hackers from exploiting a security weakness and accessing your entire website.

Custom web development can create a digital presence that is unique and secure. While templates typically offer only average security standards, custom sites can go beyond these limitations with sophisticated security protocols created specifically for your business needs. At convert web we create custom websites using cutting-edge web technology so that your business is protected against threats in the future while it grows without limits or limitations.

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