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The SEO tools save you time and help you to reach the goals of your website more easily, which makes them an integral component of any strategy of digital marketing. If you have doubts about the keywords search optimization and SEO in general, keep reading because you need to know these 10 SEO tools.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the SEO tools free web analytics provides information about the website traffic and visitor behaviour. It works by placing a small snippet of code on every page that tracks the user's actions before sending these data to Google for processing and analysis. 

Google Analytics helps you to get an in-depth view of how users are interacting with your content, as well as to set goals as records or sales that help to keep track of visitor interactions over time.

GAL goes far beyond the simple monitoring of the traffic; it also provides reports are invaluable, such as demographic data, flow behavior and e-commerce transactions, which will help your company achieve its goals. 

Google Analytics allows you to use these data to develop an SEO strategy to catapult your web visibility, so to implement it from the beginning is critical to the success: The tracking of the proceeds of the SEO strategies implemented, allows the real-time analysis with the tab, real-Time panel of GAL!

2. Google Search Console (GSC)

Google Search Console (GSC) is one of the SEO tools most comprehensive on the market and provides free access to data of the art in real-time on the performance of SEO.

The Report of the search query, provides information about the keywords and the pages that appear in the Google search results, as well as the number of impressions generated by each search query.

GSC also tracks several metrics of Web Vitals (things that matter most to you, to Google, such as the speed, usability, and visual stability) through reports.

The use of these data can help to improve the performance of your web site, how to improve the loading speed of the page, or increase the images. In addition, it can reveal any technical problem that needs to be addressed and you can even keep track of the changes in the ranking of the keywords using the software A/B testing integrated with GSC.

The SEO tools help you position yourself in the first positions of the search engine

3. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the SEO tools invaluable to discover keywords relevant to your business and website. Not only can you find keywords for search volume, but also can estimate the potential traffic generated if running with Google ads.

Filter keywords by search volume, competition level and more with ease. The filter of competition can be especially useful because it identifies key words competition low, medium and high so that you can target and optimize them.

This tool is an ideal resource for new entrepreneurs and small businesses, as it helps to identify what keywords are likely to generate traffic to your website, or help refine the lists of existing keywords. In addition, as it is free, it can serve as an excellent starting point in their research efforts.

4. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the SEO tools free designed to help web administrators to monitor the performance of their web sites in the results of search engines, with features such as traffic analysis, search, site maps, and bug reports to help them.

This tool is an invaluable asset in any SEO campaign, as it provides information about what queries bring people to your site, and can be used as a basis for target keywords in future campaigns.

Google Search Console shows not only the appearance of its pages, but also allows you to desindexarlas temporarily from the search results if it is necessary. As part of his transformation from Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console, has provided new opportunities and SEO tools are specifically designed for experts, webmasters and owners of websites, as well as to programmers, application developers, and specialists in web marketing.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the SEO tools extremely useful and versatile, with multiple features and functionalities. The content Browser allows you to investigate on what to write to your competitors, what pages they have a good rating for them and the backlinks that exist between your domain and your own. 

By studying your strategy, you can imitate it and create a strategy marketing of local content more valuable to engage with your audience and that this is shared on social networks more effectively than before.

Ahrefs offers another useful feature to your explorer key words: search in several search engines as Google, YouTube, and Amazon to locate key words with a traffic potential and difficulty of classification. It even gives you an estimate of your potential winnings!

Ahrefs offers a tool to audit sites, which is able to scan your web site and identify technical issues of SEO that could be hindering your ranking in the search engines. With this tool in hand, we can solve these problems more quickly and as a result, to obtain rankings faster.

6. Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the SEO tools invaluable that may help your company in many ways. Provides an in-depth view of the trends and patterns related to the search that can be beneficial for SEO purposes, unlike some tools pays that you simply estimate the traffic of key words.

Example: the function "Interest by region can provide information on the popularity of searches in different geographic areas, so that your content and your marketing campaigns reach their target audiences in the moments and places. These data can also help to optimise the production of content to reach them best in the optimal moments.

Another feature is the ability to compare search terms and key words. This can help to identify new issues or trends which worth to write, while keeping ahead of the competition to recognise the key word searches emerging; for example, if other bloggers write blogs about the latest designs of fashion-Rihanna in a gala event prizes, you could use this knowledge to write articles relevant to your fashion designs in the gala.

The SEO tools to help you get more web visibility

7. SEMRush

SEMRush offers companies a powerful tool that helps them identify and understand the trends of SEO in a global landscape that is constantly changing. With its advanced features, such as SEO tools of analysis of backlinks, which reveal the strategies of the competition and tools of research of key words that identify profitable keywords to target in ad campaigns, SEMRush is a solution of analysis SEO of great ability.

The Administrator of keywords is another useful feature that allows you to track and monitor the performance of your keywords over time, to keep abreast of the changes in the rankings, or if the results of a search engine to change unexpectedly. This will keep intact the classification and at the same time, be alert if the search engine results change unexpectedly.

The tool SEMRush Site Audit can help you with on page SEO identifying technical problems of SEO and suggesting ways to improve the content of the page. It can also detect links to be potentially toxic, something crucial if you want to maintain a high quality website. Finally, this tool allows you to import any problems you find as tasks directly to Trello or project management platforms are similar.

8. Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is a software package of SEO all-in-one similar to the Eternals that provides a diverse set of SEO tools that will help you achieve your goals of SEO. From tracking and analysis to competitive analysis and advanced reporting of classification, local and mobile, in addition to panels and graphics, brand and project management skills, this tool will ensure your success with your goals of SEO.

Rank Ranger stands out among all the SEO tools of analysis to provide analysis of the coding in the page, and in the backend that provides an accurate view of the performance of the website. In addition, the software tracks all changes in the Google algorithm, which could affect the rankings and provides updates as they arise.

By using the software, users can monitor the trends of the key words in real time and identify opportunities to expand the visibility. In addition, its role in the analysis of backlinks allows them to find their backlinks are more valuable, providing information that can be used to strengthen the overall strategy of SEO.

9. Woorank

Woorank is one of the SEO tools more effective that offers an in-depth analysis of web sites from several angles, including the content, the backlinks and support for mobile devices. In addition, Woorank allows you to compare sites to each other and examine their presence on social networks.

Enter any URL and Woorank will provide a quick report, but full on its performance in seconds. In addition, Woorank identifies the main priorities for improvement, so that it's easier than ever to detect problems that require attention.

Agencies digital marketing will find the ideal solution, as it allows you to monitor multiple web sites simultaneously and track the performance data at the same time. In addition, APIS allow developers to easily integrate data from SEO in the existing systems and at the same time, they are sufficiently affordable for small businesses and people who want to improve their ranking in the search engines.

10. SEO tools for webmaster

Google takes a lot of time accumulating data on web sites, providing the owners of websites, information which helps to optimize them to the results from the search engines through your tool called Google Webmaster Tools.

Now, the old platform Webmaster Tools has been transformed, and has been given a new name: Search Console (Google). Specialists in digital marketing have begun to use this updated version and are flocking to it.

Webmasters mainly used to ensure that your website and its pages to be processed for indexing by Google, to detect any error that prevents a site appears in the search results of Google, submit site maps for the purposes of indexing and scan URLS for malware. 

In addition, Google provides comprehensive reports of search performance showing impressions and clicks received for each keyword classified by the SERP.

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