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The selection of colors on your website is key to generate visits and get visitors to your site. users are left exploring. In this article we tell you what are the colors of the year for web design and the palettes in trend.

How colors influence our daily life

The use of color and what it generates in the human being has been studied for a long time. Works of art have the ability to generate emotions and sensations in the viewer. Bright colors, such as reds and oranges, create the feeling of euphoria. 

On the other hand, in interior design the use of color should be well thought out. Yellows and golds help to give harmony to a room and generate joy. Pastel tones serve to create a neutral space that generates tranquility and isolates thought.

In the case of web design, the use of color has been more thoughtful in the last two years than before. With the pandemic starting in 2020 people started spending more time at home and looking to entertain themselves. 

Users had more time to visit a website and so design became extremely important. All the more reason why this made websites, in addition to serving their optimizationThe design will be adapted to the moment.

The colors that have predominated since then are suitable for pastel, neutral and cool tones. The combination of these in flat, analog and monochromatic color palettes also became important.

What are the colors of the year for web design 2022?

Colors of the year for web design

The colors of the year for web design are defined especially by the content to be presented. When choosing colors, the character and personality you want to give to your site also comes into play. In addition, there is a range of colors that predominate each year. 

While website design is important, the colors we implement to illustrate also have an influence. The use of light colors, grays and dark blues, up to black, have become a trend. These tones help a pleasant and long-lasting reading, regardless of the content. 

Without further ado, here are the colors of the year for web design.

Light colors/pastels

White, pink and soft purple tones are an excellent choice for the excellent option for the background of a website. They serve as a base to combine with bright or fluorescent colors, which highlight details, or the logo of the website. The objective of these colors is to create a palette that conveys serenity and promotes relaxation. 

A user who feels comfortable with what they see is likely to stay on the page. Another important factor in the visitor's experience is the speed of loading; a hosting can help with this. 

Gray colors

Employing a medium tone between light and dark will also help make your website a space of concentration. Grays, whether light or dark tones, help to isolate the mind from thoughts. 

In case you decide to implement dark tones, we recommend you to put them in titles or as lines. On the other hand, light gray tones can serve as a substitute for light for lettering and details.

Dark shades

Creating dark colored backgrounds, from dark blue to a nice black, has become a strong trend. This comes as a result of the dark themes of applications that avoid eye discomfort. To go with this color we recommend you to use its light shades, thus establishing a visual harmony.

Pages to create color palettes

If color matching is not your thing or you simply have doubts, it is best to opt for ready-made designs. 

There are applications and web pages that design color palettes by type by default. You can also upload a photo and design a color palette from it. Here we have compiled a list of websites that you can take advantage of according to your skills as a designer. 


Color matching is not as simple as it seems. If you are creating a website for the first time, choosing colors can become a nightmare. So, here is a list of easy-to-use online applications to create color palettes.

Color Hunt

By entering this website you will find a varied list of multicolor palettes in different shades. Most of them are plain or gradient colors.

Additionally, you can choose a palette according to the month or year or go for a classic or a popular one. On the other hand, if what you want is a combination based on a color, go to "Collection" section.


It is a online application quite simple and easy to use. You have at your disposal predetermined designs with their respective color code.


It is a creative design websiteWhen you enter, you will find a color expanded all over the screen. To create a palette, all you have to do is move the button and select the colors you like the most. At the end, a palette of colors will be created according to your choice. 


If you're a professional web designer and want to save time creating your website, here's how. Here are three of the best applications for creating color palettes quickly and expertly. 

Adobe Color

It is a very complete website for the creation of color palettes according to different combination designs. This page offers you the opportunity to create palettes from a chromatic circle. You can choose between palettes analogous, monochromatic, triad or complementaryamong other options.

Additionally, on this website you can create a color palette from an image. The color scheme is selected randomly. In case you don't like it, you can move the selector and choose the shade you prefer. 

Flat ui colors 2

If you are attracted to flat colors, this website has a wide variety of palettes. This style of combination goes very well with minimalist websites. 


This is a web page with interactive functionality. There are two ways to create the color scheme of your choice:

The first is to choose a predesigned palette and the second is to create a custom palette. To select a color or palette press the space bar on your keyboard until you get the shades you like.

In this article we have talked about one of the many ways you can improve your site, using the colors of the year for web design If you want professional advice on choosing the right palette for your website and others design strategiesin Geekobit you will get it.

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