How to put my business in Google Maps?

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In this quick tutorial we will see how to correctly place my company on Google Mapsthat is, yours. So that you are visible as a local business, you can be found much more easily and you can start collecting valuable reviews through Google. In addition, your company will have many more likely to appear as enriched resultswhich will attract new visitors to your website.

Benefits of listing my business on Google Maps

The main benefits of putting your company on Maps are the following:

  • Your closest customers can easily find you on maps.
  • Whether or not you have a physical location, structured data will improve your visibility.
  • Your customers will be able to contact you directly from Google without going through your website.
  • You will appear in more searches for people geolocated near your business.
  • You will increase the trust of your potential customers with reviews and information about your business.

Putting my company on google maps step by step

What we really have to do is to register your company in Google My Business (formerly called Google Local Business). To do this I am going to put here a very simple step by step so you don't get lost. If you prefer, I leave you a video also using as an example a company selling handicrafts:

Step 1: Sign in to Google My Business page

Go to Google My Business by clicking here:

Once there, click on "Continue".

You will then be asked to log in with a Google account. If necessary, create a new Google account type "[email protected]". You can use it for this and also for other Google services such as recaptcha, translate or calendar.

Step 2: Enter your company data

Enter all the information about your company that you will be asked for. It is important to add correctly the location of your company, it is possible that you have to verify the location through postal mail (a physical letter) and it is in the place where you are going to appear in maps.

step 2 to put my company on google maps
step 2 to put my company on google maps

Step 3: Verify that you are the owner

In the next step Google will ask you to verify that you are the owner of the company and that you are not lying with your business phone and email. At this point, choose the verification method you prefer (SMS or email) and enter the code you are sent in the next step.

step 3 to put my company on google maps
step 3 to put my company on google maps

Step 4: Finish entering your company's data

Finally it will ask you for the hours you are open to the public (if you have a split schedule just click on "add schedule" within each day and you can add the morning and afternoon hours. This is also important because if it is not filled in correctly your business may appear as "closed" during working hours.

Afterwards you will be asked for a description of your company. It is a short description but try to make it as striking and meaningful as possible. It is your showcase to the world. You will also be asked in another step to add photos. Add as many as you can, of your premises, of your products, of satisfied customers, etc.

step 4 my company in google my business
step 4 my company in google my business

At the end you will probably be offered a voucher for advertising. Accept it and then see if you use it or not (usually you have to invest a certain amount to get the same amount in the form of a voucher).

And that's it! When you finish the process you will be able to say, "I have my business on Google Maps!" If you are asked for physical verification it will take you a couple or three weeks to receive the letter and be able to verify the business and have it show up right at 100%.

What if someone else put my business on Google Maps?

In case your business is already on Google Maps, you can follow exactly the same steps that I indicate in this tutorial but at the time of indicating your address choose your existing business on maps to claim it or you can directly search for the business on google maps, select it and click on "claim this business", then follow the steps that Google tells you that will be similar to those in this tutorial.

claim company on google maps
claim company on google maps


That's how easy it is to place your business on Maps and not only will you have your business on Maps, with this you just sign up for Google My Business and from there you can manage various aspects of your business and have your own business card where to indicate data to contact you, offer your products in google shopping or have reviews to embed on your website.

Now you only need to have a quality website to transmit confidence and quality to your customers. We can help you with that 🙂

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