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In this handy tutorial we are going to see what it is, how it works and how to sign up for Amazon affiliates. If you don't already know, Amazon is the marketplace and this is partly thanks to its immense network of affiliates that bring it clients non-stop. In this other article we explain the difference between an online store and a marketplace.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Affiliation with Amazon consists of selling Amazon products on your website or online store. When you sell one of their products, you get a small commission per sale and everything else is taken care of by Amazon and the relevant supplier.

Before learning how to register with Amazon Affiliates, there are certain rules to follow in order to comply with Amazon's policies and still be able to sell their products through your website. We look at them below.

Requirements to sell on Amazon Affiliates

To start offering Amazon products on your website, you need to apply for an account affiliate program. To do this you need to fulfill one of the following points at the time of registering with Amazon Affiliates:

-The website must have some content more or less recent (60 days)

-Social networks must be open and have a minimum of ".engagement" (500 followers)

As you can see, these are very basic requirements that anyone can meet.

Once the account has been approved and the publish the products the following must be complied with:

-The pricesIf they appear, they must be adjusted to reality at all times.

-The same goes for titles, descriptions and photographs. They must be updated.

-It is necessary to add in the cookies policy information about Amazon's new cookies.

-If reviews are made, it should be indicated that it is a affiliate link.

How much does Amazon pay for sending you referred sales?

Commissions depend on the category in which the product is sold, and are usually in the following range between 2 and 10% approximately. You can see the breakdown of commissions for here.

It is interesting to know that Amazon will pay commission for whatever the user who has arrived there with your affiliate link buys (regardless of the product you show on your website. That is to say, if you advertise face masks, the user clicks on it but when accessing Amazon ends up buying a coffee maker, you will charge commission for that coffee maker).

How to register with Amazon Affiliates?

To start selling through Amazon, you first have to apply for registration as an affiliate (click hereí for Amazon Spain). At that point, we must indicate in which web and social networks we plan to place the links. Amazon will review our site and will approve or decline the request.

Once we are approved for an affiliate account, Amazon will give us a global affiliate link and access to an area where we can generate specific affiliate links for a specific product.

At that time we can show the products on our websiteBut as I indicated above we have a small "handikap" and that is that if we place prices and they are outdated, they can cancel our affiliate account. Amazon currently only provides the API to automatically update this data to affiliates that have a good history of sales, so we should initially opt for some payment solution to update the prices automatically or display the prices in the unpriced products (when they arrive at Amazon, you will see their price).

Information required to register with Amazon Affiliates

To register with Amazon affiliates, a few pieces of information and documents are required. They are as follows:


Company name (company name/self-employed)

Company (or self-employed) Tax Identification Number (NIF)

-Tax address of the company

-E-mail for Amazon account (we can create a new one)


-Name and Surname of the person to contact

-Contact person's phone number

-Date and country of birth

-DNI/NIE/Passport Number


-Name of the bank account holder




-Website(s) or app(s) where the affiliate products will be published.

-Type of products to be sold

-Thematic of the websites where the products are to be advertised

You are done. With this information you should now be able to open your Affiliate account and start selling Amazon products from your website or social networks. If you don't find the way or you prefer us to do it for you, contact with us or leave a comment below.

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