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Finding the best quality-price hosting is not easy. They all claim to have the best, with unlimited everything, the fastest and the best technical service. But then, in reality, they leave much to be desired.

First what you came for: Buying the best quality-price hosting step by step

1.- Follow this link: DISCOUNT PURCHASE

And we will Plans & Pricing

2.- We select the right plan for you

To choose the best hosting for your particular case, the best thing to do is to contact with us so that we can evaluate the weight and usage of your website(s) and recommend the right one for you.

If you are just starting out and your website does not require too many resources (only informative), you can start with shared hosting "FastCloud Plus"It is not as limited as Basic (which only allows one domain, for example) and offers good performance at a very low price.

If you have several websites, you are starting to have a good volume of visitors or your website has a more powerful functionality (ecommerce or elearning, for example), the "FastCloud Extra"It offers significant performance and speed improvements.

Finally, if you manage a high volume of visits, have a powerful web platform or manage many websites, you should consider the VPS. The capacities to hire will depend on your space, bandwidth and RAM needs.

3.-New or imported domain name

If we are starting with a new website and we have not yet purchased the domain, FastComet will give you the first year of domain for free. if you use this link to buy it. All we have to do is enter the domain we want and the system will tell us if it is available or not.

If you already have a domainSelect the option "I already have a domain". Also enter your domain in the text area where we type "" and click on "use this domain".

4.-Fill in the personal data:

5.-Fill in the server options:

               5.1.-Under "Datacenter Location".

Select "Frankfurt" if your customers and/or visitors to your website are from Spain or any corner of Europe except the United Kingdom, in that case, select "London".

If you have more customers in the USA than anywhere else, choose Newark, Dallas, Fremont or Toronto, whichever is closer to your headquarters.

If your clients tend to be Latin American, the best option is Dallas, USA. It works perfectly even if you are in the farthest corner of Patagonia.

5.2.-In "Period".

Select "36 months"to get the highest discount and forget about renewing for 3 years. If you wish you can buy for less time, but renewals will be much more expensive and not convenient at all (The 80% discount or the current percentage is only applied on the first purchase, SEIZE IT!)

6.-Additional services

Only the domain services in case you are registering a new domain must be marked. The Domain ID Protect helps us to protect the domain better and it is only 4USD per year. It is convenient for us.
All other services are unnecessary services. If you do the web with us, you will have them for free and even improved. But if you don't do it with us, you don't need them to have a good SEO.

7.-Fill in payment information

Check the "I confirm that I have read..." box and pay with the "Checkout" button at the end.

What is the best quality-price hosting service?

In our work, we have worked with multiple hosting providers and VPN servers. Keep in mind that we do not provide this service directly and, on many occasions, clients already have their web site set up on one or another web host out there. We have come across everything, most hosting providers are a real fiasco: They don't provide free SSL, they give very limited capacities (they offer unlimited disk space for easy selling, but limit the number of files, for example) or they have a crappy technical service. You can more info here.

That's why in this article we go straight to the point. And yes, we charge commission if you use the link that also guarantees a discount for you. But, the truth is that all hostings give commission for selling their services and these are not precisely the ones that pay the best commissions. But they are the ones that have always worked best for us and that is why we use them ourselves and the only one we recommend to all our customers.

Why is FastComet the best value for money hosting?

  • Customer service is exceptional with a 24/7 live chat and you are never left stranded without an answer.
  • They have the servers always updated with the latest hardware and software.
  • You will have cPanel included with almost no restrictions and many useful applications in your control panel.
  • Forget about paying for SSL (in some hostings, such as IONOS, it's a pay per force) in FastComet you will have a Let's Encrypt script with which you can encrypt very easily with a few clicks.
  • You have the possibility to buy for 3 years with discounts up to 80% saving a lot of money on accommodation.
  • Their VPS's are managed, with 24/7 support and also give you a full level of SSH access.

All this, added to very bad experiences with other services, has made us come to the conclusion that FastComet is the best quality-price hosting currently available. Buy it here.

FastComet the best quality-price hosting
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